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EIT Project Lifetime

EIT Innovation project lifetime - from the idea to the sing off of a successful project

From the idea to the proposal:

  • The idea
  • Developing, challenging, discussing and adjusting the idea
  • Finding industrial partner(s) who see the idea attractive & interesting
  • Forming a consortium and work on the proposal
  • Writing and adjusting the proposal based on the call text
  • Informing Aalto EIT Services that a proposal is under development (Aalto EIT Services is happy to support you in any phase of your project)
  • Making a project budget collaborating with your controller
  • Getting an informal but written confirmation that Aalto is committed to the project in case of success  
  • Submitting the proposal

From the evaluation to the EIT portfolio:

  • Three steps evaluation process: https://beta.aalto.fi/node/14806
  • Evaluation result: Project leaders will be informed and the best proposal will be part of the proposed EIT portfolio 
  • Mandatory changes are emailed: project leader will be informed about the changes requested before the proposal can be officially accepted
  • Submitting the mandatory changes
  • Waiting for budget confirmation

From the kick off to the sign off:

  • Project Kick-off meeting
  • Downloading the Project Agreement (PA) from the official side of the project
  • Checking the PA with Aalto’s lawyer
  • Getting the necessary signature to the project agreement
  • Scanning the signed page of the PA and upload it to the official side of the project
  • Starting the project
  • Reporting annually on financial and performance development of the projects      
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