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EIT Funding to support European Innovators

EIT Governing Board to provide unprecedented funding to deliver entrepreneurship and innovation.
EIT 3 pillars RawMaterials

In 2018, it is expected that the EIT Community will provide support to more than 750 start-ups, see more than 990 students graduate from its Masters and PhD programmes, have its start-ups attract almost EUR 150 million in external funding, and launch more than 300 products and services on the market.

EIT Innovation Calls

to bring the technology to market, as a product, service or process

EIT Education Calls

to create and deliver new education programmes, courses or content

Business Creation Support

If you have a business idea, you can apply for:

Raw Materials Start-ups

Business idea competition (EIT RawMaterials) (ulkoinen linkki)

helps to develop your idea and turn it into a new business

EIT RawMaterials Star-up and SME Booster

Start-up and SME Booster (EIT RawMaterials) (ulkoinen linkki)

which provides a support package to customers with excellent start-up ideas or support to existing SMEs in their expansion beyond their local reach

EIT RawMaterials Star-up Funding

Kick-start Funding (EIT RawMaterials) (ulkoinen linkki)

which provides immediate funding to assess the feasibility of promising start-up initiatives that cannot wait for the normal yearly cycle

EIT Start-up Accelerator

Start-up Accelerator (EIT RawMaterials) (ulkoinen linkki)

which helps to develop rapidly your innovation (TRL 4-6) via a 3 Phase Acceleration programme

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