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Niina Nurmi

Professor of Practice

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My research focuses on the future of work in global organizations -- how to design thriving collaborations for better employee health, creativity, and innovativeness in global virtual work. Tradigional work design theories have not kept pace with changes in modern day work. My research advances work design literature by creating a better understanding of how to design and lead thriving global virtual collaborations – situations in which knowledge workers are at a distance from other team members and must rely on communication technology to facilitate their interaction across distance, language, and cultures.


Institutionen för företagsledning

Freeing the Global Worker to Share Leadership in the Globally Distributed Team

Publishing year: 2018
Institutionen för företagsledning, Institutionen för produktionsekonomi

Global virtual team: A source of and remedy for stress

Publishing year: 2017
Institutionen för produktionsekonomi

Job complexity and learning opportunities

Publishing year: 2016 Journal of International Business Studies
Institutionen för produktionsekonomi

When a one-hour time difference is too much

Publishing year: 2016 Proceedings of the 49th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, HICSS 2016
Institutionen för företagsledning

Work Design for Global Workers

Publishing year: 2016 Academy of Management Proceedings
Institutionen för produktionsekonomi, Institutionen för företagsledning

Business English Lingua Franca (BELF) and employee stress: a multi-method case-study in KONE, a multinational company

Publishing year: 2015
Institutionen för produktionsekonomi, Institutionen för företagsledning

Language-sensitive communication climate and employee stress in global work

Publishing year: 2015
Institutionen för företagsledning

Crossing Thresholds of Influence in Global Virtual Teams

Publishing year: 2014
Institutionen för företagsledning

Designing the global work experience

Publishing year: 2012 28th European Group for Organizational Studies Colloquium (EGOS)

Coping with Coping Strategies: How Distributed Teams and Their Members Deal with the Stress of Distance, Time Zones and Culture

Publishing year: 2011 STRESS AND HEALTH