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Project Sipoo - Digital Service Design to Support Employment

In this Aalto Thesis project, the municipality of Sipoo is looking for research-based innovation to bridge the gap between employers and the unemployed and to bring clarity to the complex structures of the employment support services. The student team of three is tackling the challenge using service design tools and methodology to bring forth a user centered perspective. Read more below!
Hand-picked blueberries and a slogan "Avaa aamusi metsäpolulla" ("Begin your mornings on forrest trails").
Sipoo slogan / photo: the municipality of Sipoo

The partner

Sipoo is a modern and agile municipality with a rapidly growing population of 21 000. Sipoo borders Helsinki and Vantaa to the east and is known for the Sipoonkorpi National Park and the extensive archipelago on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

The challenge

The network of various employment schemes is seen as confusing by employers, job seekers and experts alike. A simplified support scheme network would benefit all parties involved. Meanwhile, there exists a national challenge of talent misalignment that continues to puzzle the experts: job seekers and prospective employers don’t meet.

Sipoo wants to be a front runner in modernising its employment services to set an example on a local level. The municipality is thus looking into service design.

  • How could service design redesign the municipality's employment support services and solve the talent misalignment problem?

The objective

The objective of this project is to produce research-based yet practical insights into how the municipality of Sipoo can utilize service design to develop and digitalise its employment support services.

The project enables us to strengthen the customer centered approach of the employment services in Sipoo.

Lassi Puonti, Head of Employment Services, the Municipality of Sipoo

The student team

Riina Ruus-Prato

Creative Sustainability | School of Arts, Design and Architecture

  • How to improve the employment services by the means of service design in a beneficial way to all stakeholders?

Aleksi O’Connor

Information Networks | School of Science

  • What is the employment journey for an unemployed person in Sipoo? Using the Customer journey map method to map and improve the employment services.

Lauri Sulanto

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management | School of Business

  • Using service design efficiently in the public sector - a case study of Sipoo


The time frame of this project is May 2020 – November 2020.

Aalto Thesis brings together several great things: there’s a partner, there’s a set time frame and best of all, there’s a group of students!

Riina Ruus-Prato, Creative Sustainability student

Aalto Thesis is a programme for an integrated project-based and work-life oriented Master’s thesis, executed as a part of a multidisciplinary student team. In the programme, a group of 2-4 students from different Aalto Schools is formed to jointly solve a multidimensional challenge given by a real work-life partner. Each student writes an individual thesis from the perspective of their field, guided by their supervisor, but the topics of all the students are connected through a common challenge.

Aalto Thesis timi

Silva Saulio

Silva Saulio

Project coordinator
School Services, BIZ
Laura Sivula

Laura Sivula

School Services, BIZ
Aalto Thesis
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