Vierailuluento: professori Peter Lloyd - Kuinka tärkeää puhe on muotoiluprosessissa?

Puheen käyttö design-prosessin analyysissä: Käytäntö, teoria, metodi
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Tervetuloa professori Peter Lloydin vierailuluennolle 4. syyskuuta klo 13-16.

Aihe: Puheen käyttö muotoiluprosessin analyysissä: käytäntö, teoria, metodi

Paikka: Väre BIZ, Ekonominaukio 1, luokka T004

How important is talk in the design process? We tend to think of designing as a visual and tactile process, with sketches and prototypes evidence of progress. Yet conversation surrounds all design activity, providing the social context that to a great extent determines what gets done. This workshop and seminar will help participants to explore how concepts of language can be related to the activities of designing. Participants will gain an insight into how ’stories’ form a vital part of the design process, discover how patterns and types of talk determine what gets designed, and learn how to analyse an example transcript of video recorded design process. 


Peter Lloyd, Professor of Integrated Design Methodology, TU Delft, NL

Peter Lloyd is Professor of Integrated Design Methodology in the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at the Technical University of Delft. He is also Acting Chair of the Design Research Society, and Editor-in-Chief for the Journal Design Studies.  He teaches in the areas of design methods, design thinking, and design ethics and his research looks at all aspects of the design process. He has previously been Professor of Design Studies at The Open University, UK and Professor of Design at the University of Brighton, UK.

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