Väitös maankäytön suunnittelun ja liikennetekniikan alalta, MSc. Kamyar Hasanzadeh

Kamyar Hasanzadeh (MSc.) Aalto-yliopiston rakennetun ympäristön laitokselta väittelee 31.5.2019 kello 12.00, Kandidaattikeskuksessa.

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Spatial units of analysis: are there better ways? An empirical framework for use of individualized activity space models in environmental health promotion research

Väitöskirjan sisältö:
Thanks to a growing body of evidence from environmental health promotion research it does not come as a surprise to most of us that the physical environment can affect many aspects of our lives, and in particular our health. These effects are often investigated in the form of person-environment relationships. Although this may seem easy, it is anything but. A holistic understanding of these relationships requires that we study individuals’ behavior in space and decipher the many implicit involved mechanisms.

Particularly, one needs to know where the relevant geographical context is and how the relationships should be investigated. Answering these questions requires conceptual and methodological advancements in the field that have rarely been addressed so far.

Motivated by this research gap, the dissertation sets out to devise and demonstrate an empirical framework to incorporate novel geospatial approaches to study environmental health outcomes. The findings from this dissertation show how the geographical context can be more reliably modeled and empirically demonstrate how this can affect the research results. At the same time, this dissertation reports its empirical findings from Helsinki metropolitan area and sheds new light on various aspects of the person-environment relationships in this area.

The developed methods and reported findings from this study can be useful to a wide range of urban researchers and have important implications to the practice. The dissertation helps disambiguate some of the person-environment relationships. This can take urban research one step closer to one of its important goals: to guide planning and policy making processes toward more sustainable and health promoting urban designs.

Väitöskirjan ala: Spatial Planning and Transportation Engineering

Väittelijä: Kamyar Hasanzadeh, Msc.

Vastaväittäjä: Professor Stephen A. Matthews, Penn State University, USA

Valvoja: Professori Marketta Kyttä, Aalto University

Väitöskirjan verkko-osoite: http://urn.fi/URN:ISBN:978-952-60-8519-7

Väittelijän yhteystiedot: [email protected], +358504640419

Avoin luento: The temporality of people's lives and the places they live

Professori Stephen A. Mathews Penn State University:stä vierailee Aalto-yliopistolla väitöstilaisuuden vastaväittelijänä ja antaa tämän ohessa avoimen luennon 29. toukokuuta klo 10.

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