Ideakilpailu Enefit Idea Hub - The Pitch

Tule testaamaan energiaan liittyvät ideasi Enefit Idea Hubissa.
Ideahub Enefit

Tule testaamaan energiaan liittyvät ideasi Enefit Idea Hubissa. Ilmoittaudu mukaan Enefit Idea Hub - The Pitch -kilpailuun.

Aikataulu: 8.11. klo 16.15–19.00 kilpailu alkaa: ideointitilaisuus ja kilpailun säännöt.
Paikka: Otakaari 4

Ilmoittautuminen ja lisätietoja kilpailusta sivulla ideahub.enefit.com

Come and participate in the new energy sector idea contest Enefit Idea Hub - The Pitch, and help change the future of the energy sector. We will welcome You to our digital testing laboratory where You can test and implement Your ideas and work together with the leaders of the energy industry.

The prize pool for the contest is 30 000 euros.

What kind of ideas are we looking for?

  • Smart customer solutions
  • Smart grid

We believe that in the near future, we will see new business models and unforeseen digital services, which will be first used by the early adopters, but which will later become part of everyday life.

The growing share of renewable energy and an increasing number of electric cars has led to changes in the expectations of customers towards energy companies. Customers will no doubt continue to buy electricity, but they will need other services as well. Some which still need to be invented.

Grab hold of new cooperation opportunities - the authors of ideas may get a chance to collaborate with the team of experts from Enefit and participate in the implementation of their ideas. You will get the opportunity to develop your idea into a market-ready product or service and then test its viability on our 0.5 million customer base.

If you feel that this challenge is for you, then come to participate on Enefit Idea Hub - The Pitch inspirational day, where together with many inspirational speakers we will take a look to the future of the energy sector. 

The inspirational day will be held on the 8th of November, at 16.14–19.00 in Aalto University (Otakaari 4, Espoo). The deadline for submitting ideas that will change the energy world is the 18th of November, 2018. 

Read more about the contest and register for the inspirational day here ideahub.enefit.com.

Make the shift!


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