BoA’19 -näyttely: Design has entered Otaniemi

BoA’19 on näyttely, joka esittelee Muotoilusta valmistuvien opiskelijoiden kanditöitä.

Avajaiset keskiviikkona 22. toukokuuta klo 17-19. Tervetuloa!
BoA’19 Exhibition cover image

The annual exhibition takes place for the first time in Väre, the brand new building of Aalto Arts in Otaniemi. 
The vast spectrum of work presented invites people to wander through the diverse, ever changing and expanding field of design. The exhibited pieces mark an important milestone in the students individual paths to their designer identities and becoming professionals.  
Exhibition content varies from physical to immaterial, ranging from installation art and experimental design to material research and commercial service design concepts. The students have explored topics diverging from the future of karaoke, the purchase experience of an electric bicycle and replacing plastic film to the convergence of mental disorders and inspiration. 

Participants: Josefiina Falck, Sini Henttu, Riikka Hongisto, Tiina Keto, Helmi Korhonen, Jenny Lagus, Emil Lyytikkä, Miia Lötjönen, Linda Mandell, Hilda Niemelä, Ione Rawlins, Julius Rinne, Jenna Shenyer, Aurora Tani & Aino Vaarno 

The exhibition is open from May 23rd to June 5th Mon-Thu 8-21 / Fri 8-20 / Sat 9-17 

Facebook @BOA’19 
Instagram @aalto_boa 

Further information: Jenny Lagus +358 50 3747 976 / [email protected]

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