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Väitöskirjan nimi: Recovering Cobalt from Aqueous Solutions by Evaporative, Reactive, and Cooling Crystallization 

Tohtoriopiskelija: M.Sc. (Tech.) Jianxin Zhang
Vastaväittäjä: professori Zoltan Nagy, Purdue University, USA/Loughborough University, Iso-Britannia 
Kustos: professori Marjatta Louhi-Kultanen, Aalto-yliopiston kemian tekniikan korkeakoulu, Kemian tekniikan ja metallurgian laitos

Recovering Cobalt from Aqueous Solutions by Evaporative, Reactive, and Cooling Crystallization

Cobalt, which has been recognized as a critical raw material, plays a vital role in the energy transition that helps to achieve greenhouse gas neutrality. The demand for cobalt continuously increases and the supply of primary cobalt is surrounding risks. Recovering cobalt from aqueous solutions, such as waste waters, industrial process waters, and side-streams is timely a crucial topic. 
In this dissertation, a deep understanding on vacuum evaporative crystallization, batch and continuous cooling crystallization for cobalt sulfate, and the precipitation for cobalt carbonate were generated via both theoretical and experimental investigation. Those crystallization methods show great potential for the recovery of cobalt from the aqueous solutions. Moreover, Raman and UV/Vis Spectroscopy are efficient, robust, and easy to use for determining the ion's concentrations which is valuable for the monitoring of crystallization.  

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M.Sc. (Tech.) Jianxin Zhang
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