Special Seminar: Sari Kujala "Defining Successful Technology: Needs, Expectations and Experiences"

This talk is arranged at the Department of Computer Science and it's open to everyone free-of-charge. The talk will take place at 09:00 (sharp!) in hall AS1, TUAS building.

Defining Successful Technology: Needs, Expectations and Experiences

Sari Kujala


Many software products and services are disappointing for humans and organizations. In this talk, I present my research journey defining what is successful technology from the human point of view and how to develop successful solutions. My story as a researcher started from user involvement and identifying implicit needs. The focus of my work was on utility and usability and we could show that involving users leads to better usability and more successful software projects. Soon I broadened my view to motivational and emotional aspects of products as the final acceptance of the product depends on user experience – the emotional evaluation of the product. My contribution to the topic is especially studying the evolvement of user experience over several months. I found that the first impressions and expectations influence later experiences and emotionally strong peak experiences change the overall evaluations of the product. User experience influences users’ willingness to use the product and recommend it to friends. Thus, it is essential to product development companies and organizations in creating user acceptance, business, and brand value.


Sari Kujala is a Research Fellow at the Department of Computer Science, Aalto University. She received her doctoral degree in human-computer interaction from Helsinki University of Technology (now Aalto University) in 2002. Sari’s research addresses the essential question of how to develop acceptable, usable, enjoyable, and motivating products and services. The research topics have been user-centered design, requirements engineering, user involvement, value-centered design, long-term user experience, eHealth. She has held a professorship at Tampere University of Technology from 2006 to 2011 and two adjunct professorships (docent) in human-centered design. Her current research related to eHealth is supported by the Strategic Research Council at the Academy of Finland.

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