HIIT Special Seminar: Shubham Gupta "Analysis of Security Vulnerabilities in Telecommunication Networks (LTE-A/5G Networks)"

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Analysis of Security Vulnerabilities in Telecommunication Networks (LTE-A/5G Networks)

Shubham Gupta

Monday 30 May 13:00-14:00
via Zoom: request the link by email: [email protected]
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Abstract: Wireless and mobile network technologies have evolved rapidly over the past few years. Numerous Authentication and Key Agreement (AKA) protocols were proposed in mobile telecommunication networks to mitigate the security and performance issues. To overcome these problems, we proposed the efficient AKA protocols in LTE-A/5G networks. The existing AKA protocols are vulnerable to various known attacks such as Man-in-the Middle attack and Denial of Service (DoS) attack. The proposed protocol avoids all these issues with forward and backward key secrecy accomplishment. The formal verification using ProVerif and security analysis of the proposed protocol represent the security against malicious attacks.
For achieving the reliability and to fulfill the security requirements of IoT-based applications, researchers have proposed the group-based handover AKA protocols for mass MTCDs in LTE-A networks. However, the realization of secure handover authenticationn for group of MTCDs in IoT enabled LTE-A network is an imminent issue. The existing group-based handover protocols suffer from the huge network overhead and numerous identified problems such as lack of key forward/backward secrecy, privacy-preservation. To overcome these issues, we propose a secure and robust group-based handover AKA protocol for mass MTCDs in LTE-A network. The formal security proof demonstrates that the protocol achieves all the security properties including session key secrecy, data integrity.
Furthermore, the 3GPP has designed the AKA protocol for the 5G network to overcome the security deficiencies found in Evolved Packet Service (EPS)-AKA protocol. However, the existing 5G-AKA protocol is vulnerable to several attacks. In addition, the communication entities incur high computational overhead. To overcome these issues, we propose the efficient and secure AKA protocol in the 5G network. Moreover, the security analysis illustrates that the protocol fulfills all the security requirements and is secure against the known attacks. The performance evaluation of the protocol shows less communication and computation overhead during the AKA process of 5G network.

Biography: Shubham Gupta has received his M. Tech degree in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering from the University College of Engineering, RTU, Kota, in 2014. He has received his Ph.D. degree in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering from VNIT Nagpur, India, in 2019. He has around 2 years of working experience as a postdoc researcher in Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway and Tampere University, Tampere, Finland. He also worked with Kryptowire LLC, USA as a research consultant. His areas of interest and research includes network security, security, and privacy of IoT, access control policy in cloud computing, storage mechanism, and computer algorithms.

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