Games Now! James Wootton, Researcher (IBM) "Games for Quantum Computers"

Games Now! is an open lecture series on the dominant topics and emerging trends in games.

Games for Quantum Computers

James Wootton
Researcher (IBM)

The first computer games emerged in the early days of computing, and were used to figure out what the new technology could do. Now we are in the early days of quantum computing, and its time for gaming history to repeat itself. In this talk we’ll discuss how quantum games can help people get hands-on with cutting-edge science today, as well how they might be used in the AAA games of the future.

James Wootton is one of the many scientists developing quantum computers at IBM. He is also actively involved in helping people start exploring the world of quantum. This started with the development of a citizen science game in 2016, and continued by making the first experimental games for quantum computers.

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