Suvi Hirvonen-Ere

Suvi Hirvonen-Ere

Doctoral Researcher
Doctoral Researcher
E704 Dept. Information and Service Management
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Ekonominaukio 1 02150 Espoo Finland


Honorary Fellowship by World Commerce and Contracting (WorldCC Fellow)<br/><br/><br/>"The World Commerce & Contracting Fellow status is the highest accolade offer our we offer wembers.<br/><br/>It’s an opportunity for you to be recognized by your industry and peers for your outstanding experience, professionalism, and dedication.<br/><br/>We do not award the Fellow status lightly. It recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the development of Commercial and Contract Management and in many cases personal support of the association and its vision and mission in driving improvement in the quality and integrity of trading relationships."<br/>
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Academic Project Management Award 2022 for Best Teaching

Introduction for Contract Management Course by Suvi Hirvonen-Ere and Tony Alcock<br/>
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Contract Lifecycle Management as a Catalyst for Digitalization in the European Union

Suvi Hirvonen-Ere 2023 Digital Development of the European Union

Embedded CSR

Suvi Hirvonen-Ere 2023 Encyclopedia of Sustainable Management

Enlightened Self-Interest

Suvi Hirvonen-Ere 2023 Encyclopedia of Sustainable Management

Sustainable Competitiveness

Suvi Hirvonen-Ere 2023 Encyclopedia of Sustainable Management

Business Contract Design via Contract Management Operationalized Methodology

Suvi Hirvonen-Ere 2022 Research Handbook on Contract Design

The way of business contracts: How to promote (transport) sustainability and incentivize the green economy via Contract Management

Suvi Hirvonen-Ere 2019 Sustainable and Efficient Transport. Incentives for Promoting a Green Transport Market

Contract Management - hanteringen av kontraktets livscykel

Suvi Hirvonen-Ere 2018 Nordiska Förmögenhetsrättsdagarna

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Suvi Hirvonen-Ere, Harri Saari 2006 Nuoret Lakimiehet