Cody Carlton Owen

Cody Carlton Owen

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  • Marine and Arctic Technology, Doctoral Researcher


Peak loads during dynamic ice-structure interaction caused by rapid ice strengthening at near-zero relative velocity

Cody C. Owen, Tim Hammer, Hayo Hendrikse 2023 Cold Regions Science and Technology

Experimental data from ice basin tests with vertically sided cylindrical structures

Hayo Hendrikse, Tim C. Hammer, Marnix van den Berg, Tom Willems, Cody C. Owen, Kees van Beek, Nick J.J. Ebben, Otto Puolakka, Arttu Polojärvi 2022 Data in Brief

Ice basin tests for ice-induced vibrations of offshore structures in the SHIVER project

Hayo Hendrikse, Tim Hammer, Cody Owen, Marnix van den Berg, Kees van Beek, Arttu Polojärvi, Otto Puolakka, Tom Willems 2022 Polar and Arctic Sciences and Technology