Preliminary assignments for Aalto Bachelor's Programme in Design

The preliminary assignments for Aalto Bachelor's Programme in Design have been published on this page on 19th of December 2018.

General instructions

As a first step in the application process for the Aalto Bachelor’s Programme in Design, you are asked to complete the three assignments below.

All material submitted for assignments 1, 2 and 3 should be your own work and delivered digitally as a PDF. For assignment 3, you should also submit a short .AVI, .MOV, or MP4 video. We will evaluate your assignments digitally, so please make your material easy to view on-screen.

The name of each assignment should be marked on each slide in the PDF file. Materials by others or assignments submitted in other file formats will not be considered for evaluation.

Assignment 1: My journey thus far

Creatively showcase the main events in your life thus far in the form of a visual journey (timeline). In outlining your journey, we are interested in getting to know your better and what you have done in the past. So please try capture what you have experienced and find important in life as well as what you have achieved educationally, professionally and as part of extracurricular activities.

Your journey should include visuals and text which are integrated into the whole and which are visually interesting and attractive as well as easy to understand and follow. You can visualise your journey either digitally or by hand, including sketches, photographs of objects and so forth. You should supplement
your journey with a written statement highlighting your main educational, professional, personal and extracurricular achievements.

Evaluation criteria: suitability for the field of study, ability to creatively communicate ideas in visual and textual form, prior knowledge and experience

Assignment 2: Why design and why Aalto University?

Building on what you have shown in your journey, you are asked to write a short statement (max 500 words) in which you describe what you are looking for and hoping to learn in bachelor studies at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture at Aalto University and what you want to do professionally in the

Evaluation criteria: vision, motivation for study, ability to communicate in written form, English language proficiency

Assignment 3: Designing for a world in transition

Follow what is happening in the local and global media for a week and summarise the main events and developments in a collage comprising forms, colours, pictures and text. After making the collage, select one event or development that you find particularly important, urgent and/or interesting, and design
something in response to it. While designing something in response to your development of interest, please also document part of your design process in a three-minute video, showcasing your abilities for sketching and/or manipulating some other material when designing.

Your final design may be a in the form of a product, service, communication, intervention or something else as long as it gives a concrete example for how you think design could contribute to, resolve or be included in the chosen development. You can do your collage and final design digitally and/or by hand.

Summarise your design work in three presentation slides including:

  1. your collage of media events and development,
  2. your selection of a development or event to design for, including a short statement (max 200 words) explaining why you selected that development or event as well as a few sketches showing how you went about in designing your response, and
  3. your final design, including a brief description (max 200 words) of how it is intended to respond to your development or event of interest.

Evaluation criteria: ability to contextualise, analyse and critically reflect on current events and developments, ability to communicate ideas creatively, quality of design proposal.

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