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Teaching Lab

The platform aims to foster course design

The approach of Teaching Lab is collaborative, challenge-based, and design-centric. The best learning environments at Aalto are built in ecosystems where the university, students, and companies work and learn together.

Teaching Lab/ Impact & Meaning

Impact & Meaning

In a bigger picture, education needs to improve students’ work life capabilities and employability in general.

Teaching Lab/ Impact & Meaning

Content & Competencies

The teaching content should include real-life challenges, multidisciplinary approaches, and broad comprehension over what student needs are.

Teaching Lab / Methods & Tools

Methods & Tools

The methods and tools should promote challenge-based learning and should be both transparent and accessible to students.

Teaching Lab / Time & Space

Time & Space

Time and space refer to the dates, times during the day, and the physical/online space where teaching and learning happen. They need to be clear and utilitarian in the context of the course content.

Teaching Lab / Motivation & Assessment

Motivation & Assessment

Assessment criteria as well as how feedback will be given and by whom needs to be transparent.

Teaching Lab / People & Community

People & Community

Various organizations, communities, and people are likely to be involved, so knowing who they are and what roles they play is substantial.

Teaching Lab / People & Community
Teaching Lab

Aalto Thesis Program

Aalto Thesis is a way to merge into a work life theme from a multidisciplinary perspective while doing your master’s degree with a project group for the real partner.
Niina Pitkänen
Teaching Lab

New Project Coordinator for Teaching Lab

Niina Pitkänen is the new Project Coordinator of Teaching Lab. She is a creator of new, an energetic organizer, a network builder, an expert in communications and work life – a multi-talent. After a notable 7-year career at the University of Jyväskylä, Niina and her family have relocated to Southern Finland. The next challenge for Niina waits for her at Aalto University, where she will be a part of fostering the integration of work life skills and business cooperation into teaching and learning.

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Heini-Maari Kemppainen

Department of Information and Service Management
Project Manager
Claudia Kokko

Claudia Kokko

Dean's Unit of the School of Business
Niina Pitkänen

Niina Pitkänen

Department of Information and Service Economy
Project Coordinator
Laura Sivula

Laura Sivula

Information Technology Program (ITP)
Program Director