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Designing future-proof education

Teaching Lab  — Designing future-proof education.

We provide services, workshops as well as information and inspiration for designing future-proof education. We want to help teachers and other education practitioners to develop teaching to the next level by sharing innovative methods and ideas on how to integrate partnerships to the education and how to equip students with future competences - to become real Game Changers, who can navigate in ever-changing and complex work life.

The concept has been created and tested at Aalto University as a part of the strategic initiative Learning Challenge Aalto.

Teaching Lab/ Impact & Meaning

Currently happening in Teaching Lab:

Future-proof teaching: Call for Good and Next Practices

What do we do?

    We aim to test new ideas, methods, tools, and teaching concepts in the process of designing work-life oriented education.
    We are gathering exciting news, resources, and other information related to developing future-proof teaching and learning.
    We believe that teaching can be designed into an experience which adds value to students, to the whole Aalto community, and also to the external partners.

Latest news

Teaching Lab group discussion / photo: Niina Pitkänen
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Future-proof teaching: Call for Good and Next Practices

Teaching Lab – the booster of future-proof education – was initially launched at the end of November 2018. After that, a lot of progress has been made! The next step is to create a good practices section to our webpage for internal Aalto resources and best practices supporting future-proof education. We also call for next practice pilot ideas from the Aalto community on integrating work-life capabilities into teaching and learning. We support courses and programs that aim to enhance students’ work-life skills up to 10,000 euro funding.
Learning@Aalto: Call for experiments

[email protected] - Assessment for Lifelong Learning: Call for experiments!

Warmly welcome to contribute to the content of [email protected] on May 22nd 2019! The theme of this year's event is Assessment for Lifelong Learning.
Focus group discussion of conceptualising Aalto-level Game Changer competences
Designing future-proof education

10 superpowers for the future of work

We are going through now the fourth industrial revolution and the world of work is changing faster than ever. Artificial intelligence, automatization, robotization, and virtual technologies are changing the ways we work and also challenging our perceptions on what it means to be a human. Nobody knows what the future will bring for us, but there have been a lot of discussions, forecasts as well as research concerning the probable competences everyone will need to able to navigate in the ever-changing future of work.
Teaching Lab
Designing future-proof education

10 + 1 tricky questions for future-proof teaching

The inaugural Studio Week was held from the 14th until the 18th of January 2019 in Otaniemi. At the heart of the event was to challenge teachers and other practitioners at Aalto to develop their teaching to the next level with a future-looking and working life oriented mindset. We collected 10+1 excellent but challenging questions from various sessions and workshops during the week in order to broaden our view when educating the real Game Changers.
Teaching Lab Studio Week
Designing future-proof education

Co-creating the future of teaching and learning

The urgency for new approaches in teaching and learning has been identified at Aalto University. Teaching Lab – a platform and a concept for designing teaching and learning – has been developed to meet the needs of the future of work. The platform, which is still taking shape, will provide Aalto community with the needed resources, materials, and tools.
Teaching Lab / People & Community
Designing future-proof education

Aalto Thesis Program

Aalto Thesis is a project-based, multidisciplinary and, co-learning program for making the master’s thesis about a real-life challenge provided by a partner company or other organization.

For collaboration, questions or ideas please feel free to contact us:

Niina Pitkänen

Niina Pitkänen

Department of Information and Service Economy
Laura Sivula

Laura Sivula

Information Technology Program (ITP)
Program Director
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