Master’s Programme in Energy Storage (EIT InnoEnergy)

The Master’s in Energy Storage is unique. Delivered by Europe’s foremost pioneers in sustainable energy and energy storage, the programme gives you unparalleled career possibilities – the engineering skills and innovation mindset that new-generation employers urgently need in this exciting and fast-evolving field
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7.11.2021 – 12.6.2022




2 år, heltidsstudier


Lämplig lägre högskoleexamen


Det tekniska utbildningsområdet


120 studiepoäng


Högskolan för ingenjörsvetenskaper

Study objectives

Energy storage touches every discipline in clean energy generation. Present at every step of the renewable energy value chain, it is the key to energy sustainability worldwide. Demand is becoming critical for engineers with the specialised yet transversal technical skills as well as the business and entrepreneurial talent to address new challenges, find new solutions. And drive the global energy transition of the future.

The Master’s in Energy Storage is a new-generation learning journey that equips you with the tools to meet these challenges, and to launch a world-class career at the forefront of this most dynamic and fast-evolving space. Delivered by EIT InnoEnergy, global pioneers in sustainable energy education, the Master’s in Energy Storage leverages a unique global network and unparalleled expertise.

It empowers you to:

  • Master the complete array of conversion and storage technologies
  • Specialise in one of two critical fields: stationary applications or electric mobility
  • Build leading-edge business and entrepreneurial skills

And leverage a future world of possibilities at the tipping point in sustainable global energy.

Get to know us

Summer portrait of Albert Rehnberg wearing a student cap

Student Albert Rehnberg ended up to his dream programme by accident

Albert Rehnberg selected the double degree Master’s in Energy storage at EIT InnoEnergy, because it sounded the most interesting to him, but it ended up being his dream programme.

School of Engineering

Career opportunities

As the energy system continues to decarbonise and decentralise, it becomes more complex which will inevitably require a new type of expert. The demand for skilled workers is only going to increase and more people will need to be trained, potentially for jobs that don’t even exist yet! The battery storage market could create 100,000 new jobs every year. By undertaking EIT InnoEnergy’s Master’s in Energy Storage, graduates are putting themselves on the path to career success; the master’s in energy storage delivers that new expert. Graduates get a comprehensive understanding of the battery storage landscape, placing them at the front of the queue for any potential jobs in the sector.

Language of instruction

The language of instruction of the programme is English

Tuition fees

See the programme website for information on tuition fees and scholarships.


Study contents

The Master’s in Energy Storage is a unique two-year learning journey. It is a comprehensive deep dive into the full array of energy conversion and storage technologies from electrochemical (battery) to thermal, thermochemical, hydropower, thermos mechanical. You also have the opportunity to pursue a specialisation in electric mobility or stationary applications.

 A modular, multi-national learning journey

You choose between three European universities, changing over between years one and two to complete semesters in two different institutions.

In YEAR ONE you complete a full curriculum of subjects that ground you in the core technical areas of energy storage, while laying down your management understanding and business innovation mindset.

YEAR ONE constitutes the active learning cycle of the Master’s degree. Academic and theoretic activities are deeply enriched and given real-world context by interactive resources, hands-on activities and industry field trips that expose you to energy storage in action.

Project in Energy Engineering

During YEAR ONE you select a free topic related to energy storage. You will be expected to articulate and facilitate the relation between energy technologies and models for the analysis and management in technological and economical terms; to enlarge the engineer conceptual framework in order to be able to think about technology in its context. The curricular component explores important issues like viability analysis, economic and sustainability analysis.

Master´s Thesis

You can choose a thesis topic that is part of a wider research project (e.g. from a university in the InnoEnergy consortium or a research centre) but it may also be directly related to industry, ranging from start-ups to large energy companies.

YEAR TWO is your chance to specialise. With the support of expert faculty and industry practitioners, you complete your Master’s thesis at your second university.

Admission to Master’s programme in Energy Storage (EIT InnoEnergy)

Master’s programme in Energy Storage (EIT InnoEnergy) has separate application periods and admission procedures from the rest of the Master's programmes offered by Aalto University. Further information on the admission is available on the EIT InnoEnergy Master School website for prospective students .

Round 1:  20 September 2021 - 31 October 2021

Round 2:  7 November 2021 - 16 January 2022

Round 3:  23 January 2022 - 06 March 2022

Round 4: 13 March 2022 - 17 April 2022

Round 5: 24 April 2022 - 12 June 2022 (Aalto available only for year 2 institution)

Contact Information

InnoEnergy Master School

[email protected] or tel. +443331500488.

Aino Roms

Planning Officer, Aalto University

[email protected]



The EIT Label is a quality seal awarded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) to a KIC educational programme that has been assessed positively by the EIT on the implementation of the EIT Quality Assurance and Learning Enhancement (EIT QALE) system, and the application of specific quality criteria with focus on the EIT Overarching Learning Outcomes (EIT OLOs), robust entrepreneurship education, highly integrated, innovative ‘learning-by-doing’ curricula, international mobility and outreach.

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