Aalto Bachelor's Programme in Science and Technology - Data Science

Data science gives you the foundations to become a top-level expert in the modern knowledge society. You will obtain the required skills to solve real-world problems using methods of algorithm design, machine learning, artificial intelligence, statistical inference, operations research, and optimization.
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Teknologie kandidat + diplomingenjör


5.1.2022 – 19.1.2022




3+2 år, heltidsstudier


Allmän högskolebehörighet


Det tekniska utbildningsområdet


180+120 studiepoäng


Högskolan för teknikvetenskaper


€12000/år (kandidat studier) + €15000/år (magister studier) för studeranden från länder utanför EU/EES

Ansökningsperioden börjar 5.1.2022 08:00 (UTC+2)

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General description

Data science is one of the majors in the Aalto Bachelor’s Programme in Science and Technology available in English. It is a multidisciplinary field focusing on the study of scientific methods used to extract knowledge from data and build models that cope with complex problems. It employs techniques and theories drawn from the broad areas of mathematics, statistics, information sciences, and computer science.

The Data Science Bachelor will provide you with skills required to become a top-level digitalization expert for trade and industry, science or technology. After completing your studies, you will be able to manage large volumes of data, make sound inferences from data, and build data-driven models that make accurate predictions or take intelligent decisions.

Throughout the studies, emphasis is put on the foundation of mathematics, statistics, and computation, and building a strong background in data science, which will not only educate you with the existing techniques, but will also allow you to follow the developments in this rapidly-evolving area.

Language of instruction

The language of instruction in the Aalto Bachelor’s Programme in Science and Technology and the Data Science major is English. The programme is conducted entirely in English, meaning that all courses and exams are in English. For students with sufficient proficiency in Finnish, it is also possible to study the 20-25 credit minor subject of the bachelor’s degree in Finnish.

Studies at the master’s level can also be completed entirely in English.

Duration of the studies

By completing the Aalto Bachelor’s Programme in Science and Technology, you will earn a Bachelor of Science (Technology) degree (180 ECTS), or tekniikan kandidaatti in Finnish. The degree is designed to be completed in three years.

After graduating from the BSc Programme the student automatically has the right to continue studies in selected master's programmes. By completing the Master's programme in field of Technology in Aalto University, you will earn a Master of Science (Technology) degree (120 ECTS), or diplomi-insinööri in Finnish.

Content of the studies

The bachelor's degree (180 ECTS) is composed of basic studies of the programme (65 ECTS mathematics, programming, industrial engineering and management, obligatory languages, Aalto studies, orientation), the major in data science (65 ECTS including BSc thesis and seminar), the minor (20-25 ECTS) and elective studies (25-30 ECTS).

See the current programme curriculum on the student portal Into.

Tracks/majors within the programme

The main subject in the bachelor's degree is Data Science. As a student of the Data Science major, you are entitled to continue your studies at the master’s level at Aalto University. The major gives you a solid basis for further studies in the Aalto University master’s programmes, for example the Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence major of the Master’s Programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences, or the Master’s Programme in Mathematics and Operations Research.


The study environment in Aalto University is strongly international and studies are conducted in multicultural groups. Indicatively, in the departments of Computer Science and Mathematics and Systems Analysis around 20% of the professors are coming from outside of Finland.

Aalto University also offers diverse possibilities for developing one’s global competence by e.g., completing part of the degree abroad in an international partner university, conducting practical training abroad, taking a summer course abroad or acting as a tutor for first-year students.

After graduation/Post graduate opportunities

This Bachelor’s Degree gives you a solid basis for further studies in the Aalto University master’s programmes, for example majors in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences (CCIS), Mathematics and Operations Research, Life Science Technologies, and Electrical Engineering. As a student in the Data Science major, you are entitled to continue your studies at the master’s level. Please see further information here.

Career opportunities

The programme aims to educate professionals in a diverse range of activities. Graduates of the programme will obtain the background to start their working life as data scientists, engineers, or technology entrepreneurs, among other professions.

Additionally, the programme prepares the students for advanced studies in engineering, science, and mathematics, so that graduates of the programme will be well-equipped to pursue masters-level studies giving them the opportunity to follow professions, such as engineering scientists, business analysts, industrial researchers, technology leaders, technical managers of cross-disciplinary teams, and more.

Focus areas of research

Aalto University is a world-class research institute in data science and related fields. Students have the opportunity to interact with leading researchers in their respective field, and be involved in frontier research projects.


The affiliated departments of Computer Science and Mathematics and Systems Analysis co-operate closely with national and international companies and research institutes in the field of data science. For example, Aalto University is a leading partner of the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI), which involves collaboration with companies that have an interest in AI. This interest may include cutting-edge research, education of the personnel, student collaboration and recruitment of young talents, and technology transfer.

Contact details

For enquiries regarding the application process and application documents, please contact [email protected].

For enquiries regarding the content of programme and studies, please contact the Learning Services of Aalto University School of Science, [email protected].

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Aalto University / students in a class room / photography Aino Huovio

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Aalto University / students in a class room / photography Aino Huovio

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