Susobhan Das

Postdoctoral Researcher
Postdoctoral Researcher
T411 Dept. Electronics and Nanoeng
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  • Zhipei Sun Group, Postdoctoral Researcher


Gold Au(I)6 Clusters with Ligand-Derived Atomic Steric Locking: Multifunctional Optoelectrical Properties and Quantum Coherence

Sourov Chandra, Alice Sciortino, Susobhan Das, Faisal Ahmed, Arijit Jana, Jayoti Roy, Diao Li, Ville Liljeström, Hua Jiang, Leena Sisko Johansson, Xi Chen, Marco Cannas, Thalappil Pradeep, Bo Peng, Robin H.A. Ras, Zhipei Sun, Olli Ikkala, Fabrizio Messina 2023 ADVANCED OPTICAL MATERIALS

Strain Engineering for Enhancing Carrier Mobility in MoTe2 Field-Effect Transistors

Abde Mayeen Shafi, Md Gius Uddin, Xiaoqi Cui, Fida Ali, Faisal Ahmed, Mohamed Radwan, Susobhan Das, Naveed Mehmood, Zhipei Sun, Harri Lipsanen 2023 Advanced Science

On-chip photonics and optoelectronics with a van der Waals material dielectric platform

Xiaoqi Cui, Mingde Du, Susobhan Das, Hoon Hahn Yoon, Vincent Yves Pelgrin, Diao Li, Zhipei Sun 2022 Nanoscale

Switchable Photoresponse Mechanisms Implemented in Single van der Waals Semiconductor/Metal Heterostructure

Mingde Du, Xiaoqi Cui, Hoon Hahn Yoon, Susobhan Das, Md Uddin, Luojun Du, Diao Li, Zhipei Sun 2022 ACS Nano

Direct Epitaxial Growth of InP Nanowires on MoS2 with Strong Nonlinear Optical Response

Abde Mayeen Shafi, Susobhan Das, Vladislav Khayrudinov, Md Gius Uddin, Er-Xiong Ding, Faisal Ahmed, Zhipei Sun, Harri Lipsanen 2022 Chemistry of Materials

Inducing Strong Light-Matter Coupling and Optical Anisotropy in Monolayer MoS2 with High Refractive Index Nanowire

Abde Mayeen Shafi, Faisal Ahmed, Henry A. Fernandez, Md Gius Uddin, Xiaoqi Cui, Susobhan Das, Yunyun Dai, Vladislav Khayrudinov, Hoon Hahn Yoon, Luojun Du, Zhipei Sun, Harri Lipsanen 2022 ACS applied materials & interfaces

Engineering the Dipole Orientation and Symmetry Breaking with Mixed-Dimensional Heterostructures

Md Gius Uddin, Susobhan Das, Abde Mayeen Shafi, Vladislav Khayrudinov, Faisal Ahmed, Henry Fernandez, Luojun Du, Harri Lipsanen, Zhipei Sun 2022 Advanced Science

Optical Control of High-Harmonic Generation at the Atomic Thickness

Yadong Wang, Fadil Iyikanat, Xueyin Bai, Xuerong Hu, Susobhan Das, Yunyun Dai, Yi Zhang, Luojun Du, Shisheng Li, Harri Lipsanen, F. Javier García De Abajo, Zhipei Sun 2022 Nano Letters

Probing Electronic States in Monolayer Semiconductors through Static and Transient Third-Harmonic Spectroscopies

Yadong Wang, Fadil Iyikanat, Habib Rostami, Xueyin Bai, Xuerong Hu, Susobhan Das, Yunyun Dai, Luojun Du, Yi Zhang, Shisheng Li, Harri Lipsanen, F. Javier García de Abajo, Zhipei Sun 2022 Advanced Materials

Coherent modulation of chiral nonlinear optics with crystal symmetry

Yi Zhang, Xueyin Bai, Juan Arias Muñoz, Yunyun Dai, Susobhan Das, Yadong Wang, Zhipei Sun 2022 Light-Science & Applications