Riku Vahala

T213 Built Environment

Professor Riku Vahala is specialized in water supply and sanitation where his current research interest is in natural organic matter removal from drinking water, asset management of water distribution and wastewater collection systems as well as impact of cold climate on water services. Before the university career he worked for ten years in water industry e.g. as a member of EUREAU Drinking Water and Wastewater Commissions and as a chairman of the European Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform.

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  • Water and Environmental Eng., Visitor (Faculty)


Feasibility and Environmental Impact of NOM Reduction by Microfiltration at a Finnish Surface Water Treatment Plant

Panu Laurell, Heikki Poutanen, Mehrdad Hesampour, Tanja Tuutijärvi, Riku Vahala 2023 Water (Switzerland)

Water quality analysis using mmWave radars

Dariush Salami, Anni Juvakoski, Riku Vahala, Michael Beigl, Stephan Sigg 2023 2023 IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications Workshops and other Affiliated Events, PerCom Workshops 2023

Searching for a universal water loss indicator using correlation and frontier analysis

Suvi Ahopelto, Riku Vahala 2022 WDSA - CCWI 2022 Proceedings Book Valencia 18th-22nd July

Solar disinfection – An appropriate water treatment method to inactivate faecal bacteria in cold climates

Anni Juvakoski, Gaurav Singhal, Manuel A. Manzano, Miguel Ángel Moriñigo, Riku Vahala, Irina Levchuk 2022 Science of the Total Environment

The dangerous transporters : A study of microplastic-associated bacteria passing through municipal wastewater treatment

Antonina Kruglova, Barbara Muñoz-Palazón, Alejandro Gonzalez-Martinez, Anna Mikola, Riku Vahala, Julia Talvitie 2022 Environmental Pollution

Comparative life cycle assessment of activated carbon production from various raw materials

Anna Vilén, Panu Laurell, Riku Vahala 2022 Journal of Environmental Management

Evaluating the nitrogen-contaminated groundwater treatment by a denitrifying granular sludge bioreactor : effect of organic matter loading

Barbara Muñoz-Palazon, Alejandro Rodriguez-Sanchez, Miguel Hurtado-Martinez, Jesús Gonzalez-Lopez, Riku Vahala, Alejandro Gonzalez-Martinez 2021 Environmental Science and Pollution Research

Tailoring metal-impregnated biochars for selective removal of natural organic matter and dissolved phosphorus from the aqueous phase

Oleksii Tomin, Riku Vahala, Maryam Roza Yazdani 2021 MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS

Inactivation of simulated aquaculture stream bacteria at low temperature using advanced UVA- and solar-based oxidation methods

Elena Villar-Navarro, Irina Levchuk, Juan José Rueda-Márquez, Tomáš Homola, Miguel Ángel Moriñigo, Riku Vahala, Manuel Manzano 2021 Solar Energy