Rasmus Kronberg

Rasmus completed his M.Sc. degree in 2018 in the Computational Chemistry research group at Aalto University. The title of his thesis was "Ab initio molecular dynamics simulation of the platinum–water interface: Insights into structure and electrocatalytic properties". In his doctoral thesis project, Rasmus continues modelling electrochemical interfaces and reactions using dynamic methods based on density functional theory.

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Active site manipulation in MoS2 cluster electrocatalysts by transition metal doping

Jo J. L. Humphrey, Rasmus Kronberg, Rongsheng Cai, Kari Laasonen, Richard E. Palmer, Andrew J. Wain. 2020 Nanoscale

A Platinum Nanowire Electrocatalyst on Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes to Drive Hydrogen Evolution

Taneli Rajala, Rasmus Kronberg, R Backhouse, Marthe Emelie Melandsø Buan, M Tripathi, Andrea Zitolo, Hua Jiang, Kari Laasonen, Toma Susi, Frederic Jaouen, Tanja Kallio 2020 Applied Catalysis B: Environmental

Experimental and Computational Investigation of Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Mechanism on Nitrogen Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes

Sami Tuomi, Olli J. Pakkanen, Maryam Borghei, Rasmus Kronberg, Jani Sainio, Esko I. Kauppinen, Albert G. Nasibulin, Kari Laasonen, Tanja Kallio 2018 ChemCatChem

Hydrogen adsorption on doped MoS2 nanostructures

Mikko Hakala, Rasmus Kronberg, Kari Laasonen 2017 Scientific Reports