Rakshith Subramanya

Doctoral Researcher
Doctoral Researcher
T410 Dept. Electrical Engineering and Automation


Onsite Renewable Generation Time Shifting for Photovoltaic Systems

Rakshith Subramanya, Harri Aaltonen, Seppo Sierla, Valeriy Vyatkin 2023 2023 IEEE 32nd International Symposium on Industrial Electronics, ISIE 2023 - Proceedings

Exploiting Battery Storages With Reinforcement Learning: A Review for Energy Professionals

Rakshith Subramanya, Seppo A. Sierla, Valeriy Vyatkin 2022 IEEE Access

From DevOps to MLOps

Rakshith Subramanya, Seppo Sierla, Valeriy Vyatkin 2022 Applied Sciences (Switzerland)

A simulation environment for training a reinforcement learning agent trading a battery storage

Harri Aaltonen, Seppo Sierla, Rakshith Subramanya, Valeriy Vyatkin 2021 Energies

A Virtual Power Plant Solution for Aggregating Photovoltaic Systems and Other Distributed Energy Resources for Northern European Primary Frequency Reserves

Rakshith Subramanya, Matti Yli-Ojanpera, Seppo Sierla, Taneli Holtta, Jori Valtakari, Valeriy Vyatkin 2021 Energies

Interfacing Third Party Cloud Services to a Virtual Power Plant

Rakshith Subramanya, Seppo Sierla, Matti Yli-Ojanperä, Henri Makkonen, Mahdi Pourakbari Kasmaei, Valeriy Vyatkin 2021 2021 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Europe (ISGT-Europe)