Ottar Tamm

T213 Built Environment
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  • Water and Environmental Eng., Visitor (Faculty)


Processes influencing stormwater purification by roadside biochar-amended sand filter in cold climate conditions

Maria Dubovik, Lassi Warsta, Ottar Tamm, Laura Wendling, Ville Rinta-Hiiro, Harri Koivusalo 2024 Boreal Environment Research

Climate change adaptation using low impact development for stormwater management in a Nordic catchment

Carla M. Di Natale, Ottar Tamm, Harri Koivusalo 2023 Boreal Environment Research

Modelling urban stormwater management changes using SWMM and convection-permitting climate simulations in cold areas

Ottar Tamm, Teemu Kokkonen, Lassi Warsta, Maria Dubovik, Harri Koivusalo 2023 Journal of Hydrology