Nathaly Carolina Pinto Torres

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The Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) 2010

Scholarship program of the Netherlands awarded to mid-career young professionals who excel in their fields
Award or honor granted for academic or artistic career Department of Design Jun 2010

Best demo award

Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Design Jun 2021





Nathaly Pinto Torres 2022 Diseño y territorios

La importancia de entender el contexto

Nathaly Pinto Torres 2022 Diseño y territorios

Resistance, Social Reproduction and emerging commitments for collaborative design from the margins

Nathaly Pinto Torres, Brenda Vertiz Marquez, Andrea Botero 2022 The Design Research Society Conference (DRS2022)

Pluriversal Design: A Virtual Decolonising Exhibition

Asnath Paula Kambunga, Rachel Charlotte Smith, Heike Winschiers-Theophilus, Nathaly Pinto Torres, Xavier Barriga Abril, Laura Boffi, Emmanuel Dzisi, Tariq Zaman, Desiree Hernandez Ibinarriaga, Anne Chahine, Laura Lennert Jensen, Vivi Vold 2021

Pictogramas, comunicación intercultural y diseño participativo

Nathaly Pinto Torres, Andrea Botero 2021

Diseñando para educación intercultural en tiempos de pandemia

Nathaly Pinto Torres, Katy Machoa 2020 Educación intercultural y plurinacionalidad en Ecuador

Cultural Heritage Safeguarding: Living Re-Mediation as the Key

Nathaly Pinto Torres 2011 Levend Erfgoed