Giancarlo Pastor Figueroa

Project Specialist
Project Specialist
T407 Dept. Communications and Network
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  • Mobile Cloud Computing, Project Employee


Constructing measures of sparsity

Giancarlo Pastor Figueroa, Inmaculada Mora-Jiménez, Riku Jäntti, Antonio J. Caamaño 2022 IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering

Qualifying 5G SA for L4 Automated Vehicles in a Multi-PLMN Experimental Testbed

Giancarlo Pastor Figueroa, Edward Mutafungwa, Jose Costa Requena, Xuebing Li, Oussama El Marai, Norshahida Saba, Aziza Zhanabatyrova, Yu Xiao, Timo Mustonen, Matthieu Myrsky, Lauri Lammi, Umar Zakir Abdul Hamid, Marta Boavida, Sergio Catalano, Hyunbin Park, Pyry Vikberg, Viljami Lyytikäinen 2021 Proceedings of IEEE 93rd Vehicular Technology Conference, VTC 2021

5G beyond 3GPP release 15 for connected automated mobility in cross-border contexts

Gorka Velez, Angel Martin, Giancarlo Pastor Figueroa, Edward Mutafungwa 2020 Sensors

Folo: Latency and Quality Optimized Task Allocation in Vehicular Fog Computing

Chao Zhu, Jin Tao, Giancarlo Pastor Figueroa, Yu Xiao, Yusheng Ji, Quan Zhou, Yong Li, Antti Ylä-Jääski 2019 IEEE Internet of Things Journal

A Low-rank Tensor Model for Imputation of Missing Vehicular Traffic Volume

Giancarlo Pastor Figueroa 2018 IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology

Fog following me: Latency and quality balanced task allocation in vehicular fog computing

Chao Zhu, Giancarlo Pastor Figueroa, Yu Xiao, Yong Li, Antti Ylä-Jääski 2018 2018 15th Annual IEEE International Conference on Sensing, Communication, and Networking (SECON)

Vehicular Fog Computing for Video Crowdsourcing

Chao Zhu, Giancarlo Pastor, Yu Xiao, Antti Ylajaaski 2018 IEEE Communications Magazine

Compressive data aggregation from Poisson point process observations

Giancarlo Pastor, Ilkka Norros, Riku Jäntti, Antonio J. Caamãno 2016 Wireless Communication Systems (ISWCS), 2015 International Symposium on

Asymptotic Expansions for Heavy-Tailed Data

Giancarlo Pastor, Inmaculada Mora-Jimenez, Antonio J. Caamano, Riku Jäntti 2016 IEEE Signal Processing Letters