Fabricio Oliveira

Fabricio Oliveira

Dept of Math and Syst Analysis

My research involves the topics of analytics and operations research, in particular predictive/ prescriptive analyticsoptimisation, and mathematical programming, applied to supply chain management and production planning. Its main focus is the development of decision support frameworks based on optimisation under uncertainty that can be used for improving decision making in real-world problems. 

Ares of interest:

  • Renewable energy production and infrastructure expansion planning;
  • Healthcare sector;
  • Humanitarian logistics;
  • Oil and gas production.

Topics of interest:

  • Applications of mathematical programming to real-world problems;
  • Stochastic programming and robust optimization;
  • Decomposition methods and parallelization. 
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Otakaari 1 02150 Espoo Finland


, 512 Business and management, Applied mathematics


Wasserstein-distance-based temporal clustering for capacity-expansion planning in power systems

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