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New Bachelor’s Programme in Economics gives you the tools to understand and change the world.

Aalto-universitet har ingen ekonomutbildning på svenska. Därför information om Bachelor’s Programme in Economics är bara på engelska och finska.
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Ekonomie kandidat + magister


9.1.2019 - 23.1.2019




3+2 år, heltidsstudier


Allmän högskolebehörighet


Det ekonomiska utbildningsområdet


180+120 studiepoäng




€12000/år (kandidat studier) + €15000/år (magister studier) för studeranden från länder utanför EU/EES

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Studying economics

Studying Economics was one of the best decisions of my life, giving me the tools to apply my knowledge in a variety of fields.

Eeva Hietamäki, Analyst, Compass Lexecon

Study objectives

What is the most efficient way to fight climate change? How do international trade and migration affect global inequality? What is the best way to promote innovation? How can we design institutions that provide resilience against shocks such as financial crises? At Aalto Bachelor’s Programme in Economics, you will learn to systematically address questions like these – and many others.

Economics is a social science building on rigorous theoretical models and careful data analysis. You will study formal modelling, empirical methods and institutions at the leading centre for economic research in Finland. Our professors are internationally renowned scholars, who have worked in some of the best universities around the world and have extensive experience in advising governments, private companies and non-governmental organisations. The programme also includes studies in mathematics and programming at the Aalto University School of Science. 

We admit 40 highly qualified new students. We are looking for analytically minded and intellectually curious students who share our passion for understanding how societies work. We offer world-class training that combines analytical, computation and data processing skills that are in high demand in a wide variety of careers. The programme also provides an excellent basis for further studies in economics and other quantitatively oriented fields. Students admitted to the Bachelor’s Programme in Economics have an automatic study right to Master's Degree Programs at the Aalto University School of Business in Otaniemi Campus. For instance Master's Degree Programme in Economics integrated into the Helsinki Graduate School of Economics. The Department of Economics also has a strong track record in helping students to enter the most prestigious graduate programs abroad.

Study language(s)

The language of instruction is English. If a student wishes, she/he may take some of the electives and/or minor studies in Finnish.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees concern degree students coming outside of EU/EEA region or Switzerland who start their studies in English-language Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in August 2017 or after that.

At Aalto University the tuition fee is €12 000 per academic year for the Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration degree offered in English and €15 000 per academic year for degree programs leading to a master’s degree.

With the introduction of tuition fees, a scholarship program has also been introduced to support students who participate in a fee-charging degree program. At Aalto University, the scholarships are granted in the form of a tuition fee waiver. The decisions on the scholarships are made on the basis of the academic merits of the students selected to study in the programs. Applicants apply for the scholarship in conjunction with the admission process. The scholarship decision is made at the same time as the admission decision.

Aalto University also has an incentive scholarship system that will reward progress made in studies.

More information on the tuition fees and scholarships can be found on the Aalto web page.

Career opportunities

Economics opens up opportunities to pursue a career in major national and international institutions that demand rigorous analytical reasoning and data analysis. In these roles, economics graduates draw on a theoretical grounding and wealth of practical analytical tools to solve real-world challenges and produce high-quality analysis. Students benefit from the international reputations of the programme’s academic staff, academic excellence and international perspectives of their fellow students. 

Most economics students continue their studies at Master’s level and then go on to a variety of roles, including those in major companies, the civil service, research, finance, start-ups and NGOs. Typical examples of first jobs for graduating economists include analysts, consultants, advisors to policymakers and researchers.

Keskinen Maija

Studying Economics at Aalto has landed me in my dream job: Making an impact on our society through evidence-based policy-making.

Maija Keskinen Data Analyst, Finnish Tax Administration

Post-graduate study options

After the Bachelor’s degree, the students have right to continue studies in a Master’s Programme at Aalto University. The programme is ideal for students interested in continuing economics education at the Helsinki Graduate School of Economics. The programme also provides a perfect background for continuing education at other leading international universities. In the past few years, we have had students who continued graduate studies in universities such as MIT, Stanford, Princeton, London School of Economics, Pompeu Fabra University, and the University of Toulouse.

Finnish university degrees correspond to Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctor’s degrees. In most fields students can also take a voluntary Licentiate’s degree before going on to a doctorate. The Aalto University School of Business offers a 4-year doctoral program in English for the graduates with the M.Sc. degree seeking academic careers or high level positions in business.

Content of the studies

There is a high demand for specialists who have strong analytical skills in economics combined with computation and data processing skills. Our mission is to respond to those demands and to prepare students for challenging careers. The programme draws on the core competencies of Aalto University, particularly the ones at the Business School and the School of Sciences.

During the first year of studies, you will take a sequence of principles of economics courses, which introduce you to the economic approach to analyzing different local and global social problems. It builds upon the CORE-Econ project developed by a global community of learners, teachers and researchers in economics, offering a problem-motivated and interactive way to learn economics ( The first-year studies also contain mathematics and programming courses taught by the School of Science.

During the second year, you will take a sequence of more advanced courses in economics. You will learn to analyze the behavior of economic actors; the functioning of various markets; policy responses to market imperfections; macroeconomic phenomena, national and international institutions, and public finance. You will also learn to apply mathematical, statistical and programming techniques to real economic problems.

During your third year of studies, you will take more specialized courses in economics (such as digital markets, energy and environmental economics, money and banking, urban economics, economic history) and will write your B.Sc. thesis.

Throughout the studies, you will be able to choose optional courses offered at the School of Business and the rest of Aalto University. You will also improve your language and communication skills. The programme is compatible with minors offered by the School of Business and the School of Sciences. You will have an opportunity to spend a semester in another country as an exchange student.

Structure of studies

The Aalto University School of Business uses the ECTS-based credit system (European Credit Transfer System). The main principle of the ECTS-based credit system is that one academic year of studies comprises of 60 credits (ECTS), which equals 1600 hours of work. The Bachelor’s programme (180 credits) is normally completed in three years. The number of student workload hours expected for a course worth 6 credits is 160 hours (to include class hours and all other requirements as stipulated by the professor).

Bachelor Programme in Economics structure of studies


The purpose of the Bachelor’s Thesis is to develop students' ability to carry out independent research work in the field of Economics.

International experience

At the School of Business, you will take part in an international and multicultural learning environment with professors and students from all over the world. All professors at the Department of Economics have either acquired their doctoral degrees abroad or have extensive post-graduate experience in world leading universities. You will also have the possibility to spend a semester abroad as an exchange student in one of the School’s numerous partner universities or include a traineeship abroad as part of your study programme.


Programme-specific admission reguirements

In 2019 40 degree students will be formally admitted to the Bachelor’s Program in Economics at the Aalto University School of Business, Otaniemi Campus. Students accepted to the program will get a study right to the Master of Science degree in Economics and Business Administration at the Aalto University School of Business. The Master’s Program in Economics is integrated into the Helsinki Graduate School of Economics.

Applications for the Bachelor’s Program in Economics are to be submitted through the joint online application system for Finnish higher education institutions on (in Finnish Application period for studies starting in autumn 2019 is 9 - 23 January 2019.

The schedule for the application process and full admission criteria for 2019 can be found here.

The score tables for admission 2020 are published here.

Admission to the Bachelor’s Programme in Economics, Bachelor and Master of Science in Economics and Administration (3 + 2 years)

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