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Doctoral hats in Aalto University Conferment

Aalto-universitetets högskola för konst, design och arkitektur erbjuder doktorandstudier inom fälten arkitektur, konst, design, media, film och scenografi. En heltidsstuderande doktorand ska enligt normen ta examen inom fyra år. 

Årligen utexamineras mer än 15 doktorer i konst och en eller två teknologie doktorer (arkitektur). Aalto-universitetets informationsportal för forskning ger information om doktorander och deras forskningsprojekt. Du kan också hitta avhandlingar genom publikationsarkivet Aaltodoc

Den årliga ansökningsperioden är i mars för studier som börjar i september. Läs mer om ansökningsprocessen via länken nedan (på engelska).


AVCD Research Group

Aalto Visual Communication Design Research Group is actively involved in researching the role of visual communication design and broader design thinking in a wide range of applied areas with societal impact, including sustainability, education, health and well-being.

Visualizing Knowledge - Photo by Sebastian Wolf

Embodied Design Research Group

Embodied Design Research Group studies embodied design as a design agenda. Current computing systems treat human beings mostly as connected minds, quite completely disregarding our bodily engagement with the world. Embodied design embraces the human body as a central resource for action, communication, and play.

EDG Research Group

Game Research Group

The game research group is led by prof. Perttu Hämäläinen, who joined Aalto in 2012 after a six-year period as the CTO of Virtual Air Guitar Company (e.g., Kung-Fu Live and Kung-Fu High Impact).

Augmented Climbing Wall - Game Research Group

Learning Environments Research Group (LeGroup)

The Learning Environments Research Group (LeGroup) is involved in research, design, and development of New Media tools, as well as their use in the field of learning.

+Andscape, Augmented reality sandbox


Photography research at Aalto is mainly conducted at the doctoral level. In addition, we host a biennial international photography research conference, the Helsinki Photomedia, which was established in 2012.

Image of the Aalto ARTS photography studio by Antti Huittinen

Sound and Physical Interaction Research Group

Sound and Physical Interaction (SOPI) research group’s main interests are centred on the broad area of Sound and Music Computing (SMC) and Sonic Interaction Design (SID).

Sound and Physical Interaction Research Group

Systems of Representation Research Group

The Systems of Representation seeks to make knowledge related to heritage tangible through the use of representation and digital media.

Systems of Representation Research Group

Apply to DA studies

The main purpose of doctoral education at the Aalto Doctoral Programme in Arts, Design and Architecture is to teach the doctoral candidate to create new knowledge via scentific and artistic methods and theories. Admission to the Aalto Doctoral Programme in Arts, Design and Architecture is organized annually in March for studies starting in September.

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Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees in 2013 at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture

Department of Media Research Blog

The posts in the blog advertise and document monthly activities and events related to research and the doctoral studies program in the Department of Media in Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture. The pages provide information about ongoing seminars, courses, bibliographies and more.

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Aalto BIZ researchers, photo Aino Huovio
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