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Data publishing repositories

Recommendation: Zenodo

  • Zenodo is a general data repository where "all research outputs from across all fields of research are welcome".
  • Upload types include publications, posters, presentations, datasets, images, video/audio files, software and lessons.
  • If your publication does not have a DOI, leave the field empty and Zenodo will register a new DOI for you.
  • Zenodo provides a citeable data catalog, including DOIs for citability.  It also integrates with GitHub to make software citeable.
  • EU-funded, and managed by CERN and OpenAIRE.
  • Login using an ORCID account and try it out!

Discipline-specific data repositories

Consider submitting your data to discipline-specific, community-recognised repositories when possible. To find a data repository, you can start with these lists:

ACRIS at Aalto University, our local catalog

ACRIS (Aalto Current Research Information System) is Aalto's research information management system - the home for Aalto's research information. ACRIS is an easy place to add metadata of research data as well as datasets. It is important that you insert the metadata of your data in ACRIS, since universities are judged based on data produced and openness. ACRIS data is integrated to the national metadata catalogue, Etsin, for a greater reach. Aalto's metadata in most common data repositories are harvested to ACRIS.

You can insert your datasets in ACRIS, the maximum file size is 1GB. Several files are allowed.The instructions for hosting data are attached below – please note that this is currently a pilot.

    Journals that publish data

    See the subpage on journals that publish data.

    AVAA/Ida/Etsin service family

    • Avaa is a Finnish open data publishing portal, Etsin is the national metadata catalogue and IDA is a long-term and secure data storage service. These services are offered by the open research initiative.
    • Publication in Avaa requires contacting for assistance, so it is not practical for small number of datasets. The producers of research data, e.g. research groups, may offer their data for publication by contacting [email protected]
    • IDA is suitable for restricted-access data and data that must stay within Finland.
    This service is provided by:

    Research and Innovation Services

    Did you find what you were looking for? If not, please contact us.