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Research and Innovation Services

We at Research and Innovation Services support Aalto research staff and Aalto management.

Research and Innovation Services support Aalto research staff and management.

The unit includes services for externally funded research projects and strategic research support:

  • Services for research projects cover the entire lifecycle of projects. Service in preparation of funding applications and legal questions in research projects as well as commercial exploitation of research results is lead by Mari Pietikäinen, Head of Unit. Support in management of research projects is lead by the Financial services, contact person Pekka Mård.
  • Strategic research support provides services e.g. in research-related policies and procedures (tenure track, doctoral education, research assessments, national profiling of research), multidisciplinary collaboration (platforms, research infrastructures, sustainability) and library and open science services (library resources, support for publishing, ACRIS research information system, research data management). Ella Bingham, Head of Unit, leads the activities.


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