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Occupy Earth course explores the polarized discussions of climates

A collaborative exhibition by students from Aalto University and Parsons School of Design at Harald Herlin Learning Center and Väre Galleries.
Exhibitions and fairs
Harald Herlin Learning Centre & Väre Galleries
Occupy Earth exhibition

Visiting lecture: Akira Minagawa and ‘minä perhonen’

'minä perhonen’ is a fashion and textile design brand founded in 1995 by designer Akira Minagawa to produce clothes that do not lose their allure through the lapse of time.
Lectures and seminars
Undergraduate Centre
Lecture hall A1

Aalto University Summer School on Transportation

An intensive learning experience for professionals and graduate students in the field of transportation and urban planning: lectures, workshops and site visits.
Conferences and workshops
Undergraduate Centre
Lecture hall A1
Otaniemi park

Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees in Technology

Ceremonial conferment at Aalto University will take place during the Ceremony Week in June 2019 at Dipoli.
Otakaari 24