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Computer components, photo: Matti Ahlgren/Aalto Univesity

Artificial Intelligence and Software Systems

The A.I. and Software Systems (AISS) research group focuses on computing technologies for designing, building and managing intelligent systems.

Department of Computer Science
Model of the Sun from PRACE project INTERDYNS


The group develops and utilises high-performance computing tools for simulating and analysing data from complex (astro)physical systems, such as turbulent fluids, the Sun, interstellar matter in galaxies.

Department of Computer Science
Complex Systems, Aalto University

Complex Systems

Complex systems are found at all scales in nature, from the complex machinery operating inside our cells to the human brain, from human sociality to the networked social organization.

Department of Computer Science

Computational Logic

The Computational Logic Group develops automated reasoning techniques for solving challenging computational problems in engineering and science.

Department of Computer Science
CS Building Aalto University

Digital Content Communities (ulkoinen linkki)

The Digital Content Communities studies the intersection of groups, technology and society. This includes research aimed to produce novel technical tools for group interaction as well as more social science oriented examination on the implications new communication technology may have to groups and society.

Distributed Algortihms figure, image: Jukka Suomela / Aalto University

Distributed Algorithms

Research focuses on the foundations of distributed computing. The key research question is related to the concept of locality in the context large computer networks.

Department of Computer Science
HIgh quality interactive video streaming over 5G, Distributed and Mobile Computing research group at Department of Computer Science Aalto University

Distributed and Mobile Computing

Experiment-driven systems research analyzing, building, and optimizing distributed mobile computing systems and services.

Department of Computer Science
Augmented Climbing Wall - Game Research Group

Game Research Group

The game research group is led by prof. Perttu Hämäläinen, who joined Aalto in 2012 after a six-year period as the CTO of Virtual Air Guitar Company (e.g., Kung-Fu Live and Kung-Fu High Impact).

Aalto Media Lab
KEPACO Research group

Kernel Methods, Pattern Analysis and Computational Metabolomics (KEPACO)

Group develops machine learning methods, models and tools for data science, in particular computational metabolomics.

Department of Computer Science
Person using laptop at Coderefinery workshop, photo: Matti Ahlgren / Aalto University

LeTech - Learning + Technology

Computing education, educational technology and software visualization.

Department of Computer Science
Department of Computer Science research, infrared lights hanging on the roof for machine learning in plant growing project

Machine Learning for Big Data

Machine learning models and methods for big data over networks

Department of Computer Science
Natural Computation Research group

Natural Computation

The group seeks to understand, model, and program naturally occurring or nature-inspired self-organising processes.

Department of Computer Science

PREAGO Research Group

The Product Requirements and Architecture Research Group (Preago) is specialized in high quality research of topics related to requirements engineering, software architectures and variability.

Department of Computer Science
PML research group, Aalto University Computer Science

Probabilistic Machine Learning Group (ulkoinen linkki)

We develop new methods for probabilistic modeling, Bayesian inference and machine learning. Our current focuses are in particular learning from multiple data sources, Bayesian model assessment and selection, approximate inference and information visualization.


Secure Systems Research Group

The goal of the Secure Systems research group is to create new technologies and design and analysis methods for the development of secure computing and communication systems.

Department of Computer Science
Map screenshot from mappingmanuscriptmigrations.org web service by Semantic Computing Research group at Aalto University

Semantic Computing (SeCo) (ulkoinen linkki)

Research on semantic technologies, such as the Semantic Web and intelligent web services.

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