Niveltyvät ympäristöt: tulevaisuuden kaupungit

Ihmisiä asuu maailmanlaajuisesti enemmän kaupungeissa kuin maaseudulla, koska planeettamme on käynyt läpi nopean kaupungistumisen viime vuosikymmeninä. Tämä vaatii tulevien kaupunkiemme suunnittelun uudelleenarviointia kestävien ratkaisujen muotoilemiseksi.
hologram landscape plan on a wooden platform

Näyttely on toteutettu Singapore University of Technologyn and Designin (STUD) kanssa ja se on osa Opetushallituksen Aasia-ohjelmaa. Lue tapahtumasta lisää englanniksi:

By viewing the city not anymore as a collection of independent attractive objects but rather as a systemic network of relationships, we can develop new approaches to our future challenges related to urbanisation.

The new approach aims at improved resilience of our urban environments and the activation of cities as active modulator of environmental conditions. 

The design solutions propose new ways to engage with the surrounding urban and green systems and transform these concepts into an articulated landscape as new urban typology grounded in social and environmental sustainability. 

The projects display solutions for climate change, environmental pollution, loss of biodiversity and exhaustion of natural resources, in close cooperation with our surroundings.

The exhibition is part of a long-term collaboration Aalto University and Singapore University of Technology (SUTD) and is part of the Asia Programme by the Finnish National Agency for Education

The team: 

  • Professor Pia Fricker, Professor Toni Kotnik, Luka Piskoreč, Kane Borg and Tina Cerpnjak, Department of Architecture at Aalto University 

  • Professor Carlos Bañón, Singapore University of Technology and Design 


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