2020 November Networking - ALD at Aalto University

Join in our atomic layer deposition event and network with other research groups using ALD at Aalto. Companies using ALD are also welcomed.
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Cremers et al., Applied Physics Reviews 6, 021302 (2019).

At Aalto University, many research groups' activities have a connection to atomic layer deposition (ALD). Join our networking event on two afternoons, 25. - 26.11.2020 at 12-17.

Aim: Provide a time and place where people with interest in ALD can meet and get better networked.

Who should come: All research groups working at Aalto with some connection to ALD are invited to introduce themselves in short presentations – what are the group’s capabilities, interesting recent results, and maybe challenges, too? Groups working with ALD outside Aalto University are likewise welcome to introduce themselves.

Format: Individual researchers present their activities with a poster, and optionally with a 2-minute oral poster pitch. Companies with ALD activities in Finland are also invited, and we will have an invited guest speaker from abroad.

Panopto option: Speakers have the possibility to have their talk recorded with the Panopto lecture capture system used at Aalto University.

Responsible Organizer: Prof. Riikka Puurunen (Associate Professor, tenure track, Catalysis Science and Technology), Aalto CHEM/CMET, and Catalysis research group. Event is supported by Aalto Materials Platform.

For latest updates on the programme, please see the event webpage:  https://blogs.aalto.fi/catprofopen/ald-networking-nov-2019/

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