Master’s programme in Urban Mobility (EIT Urban Mobility) – Innovative Mobility Technology

No intake 2022.
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15.2.2021 – 16.4.2021




2 vuotta, täysipäiväinen


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120 opintopistettä


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No intake 2022.

Study objectives

Master’s programme in Urban Mobility, study track Innovative Mobility Technology (IMT) focuses on understanding different applications of technological developments in various vehicle typologies and urban infrastructure. Through the programme, students will work with critical real-world challenges and learn how to develop multidisciplinary solutions to complex problems. The IMT programme allows students to focus on adopting innovative products and services, including working with human-centred technologies, efficient and green energy solutions, and electronics and communication technologies, as well as sensors, wired and wireless network standards, and machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions. Additionally, it provides a wide range of skills in entrepreneurship and innovation to face the rapid transformations in our globalized society.

Career opportunities

You will have the opportunity to develop a career as a vehicle and mobility system designer and engineer, a technology innovator, a mobility infrastructure designer, an HMI engineer, an ITS system architect, an X2X connectivity system engineer, and a system power engineer, among others.

After the programme, you will be able to find employment opportunities worldwide, in leading positions and multidisciplinary teams, for a range of private companies, including the automotive sector, public institutions in cities and metropolitan regions, and start-ups that require high-level technological and system competences.

Language of instruction

The language of instruction of the programme is English

Study contents

The programme is a double degree programme, which means that you will study at two European universities and in two different countries. The programme has an integrated technical content (Technical major) and business content (Innovation & Entrepreneurship – I&E minor). The I&E minor is shared between all programmes. An integral part of the second year is a Master’s thesis (30 ECTS).

The double-degree programme is implemented jointly by leading European universities. The students can select their preferred first (entry) and second (exit) year universities. At Aalto University, students can learn about user-centered design methods and key ICT technologies for smart cities such as 5G and machine learning. Detailed course plan available in the study guide.

Picture of moving metro in T-Centralen

Structure of the studies

Students may apply to start and end the programme at any of the three universities. Students must attend a different university for Year 1 and Year 2. The available universities for the Innovative Mobility Technology programme are:

  • Aalto University – Espoo, Finland
  • Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) – Barcelona, Spain
  • Politecnico di Milano – Milan, Italy*

*If you choose POLIMI as one of your entry preferences and you have a non-Italian degree (or you are completing your bachelor’s outside Italy), you need to submit an additional application on POLIMI’s Online Services for the Master of Science in Mobility, in parallel with your EIT Urban Mobility application. For instructions and local deadlines for your POLIMI application, please refer to the application procedures of POLIMI.

Please note that both ENTRY and EXIT universities might be subject to changes. Kindly check before applying.

Visual image of the study path.

Contact information

EIT Urban Mobility Master School


E-mail: [email protected]

Aino Roms

Planning Officer, Aalto University

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