Truong Pham

Doctoral Researcher
Doctoral Researcher
T407 Dept. Communications and Network
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  • Mobile Cloud Computing



Truong An Pham, Tim Moesgen, Sanni Siltanen, Joanna Bergstrom, Yu Xiao 2022 IEEE Access


Truong An Pham, Junjue Wang, Roger Iyengar, Yu Xiao, Padmanabhan Pillai, Roberta Klatzky, Mahadev Satyanarayanan 2021 Software - Practice and Experience

Image-based Renovation Progress Inspection with Deep Siamese Networks

Petr Byvshev, Truong Pham, Yu Xiao 2020 Proceedings of the 2020 12th International Conference on Machine Learning and Computing, ICMLC 2020

Reality Capture (RECAP) project final report

Olli Seppänen, Yu Xiao, Mustafa Khalid Masood, Petr Byvshev, Truong Pham, Antti Aikala, Pontus Lundström 2020

Unsupervised Workflow Extraction from First-person Video of Mechanical Assembly

Truong Pham, Yu Xiao 2018 Proceeding HotMobile '18 Proceedings of the 19th International Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems & Applications