Shushu Liu

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  • Network Security and Trust, Visitor (Doctoral Candidate)


Efficient Privacy Protection Protocols for 5G Enabled Positioning in Industrial IoT

Shushu Liu, Zheng Yan 2022 IEEE Internet of Things Journal

Privacy-preserving D2D Cooperative Location Verification

Shushu Liu, Zheng Yan, Raimo Kantola 2022 2021 IEEE Global Communications Conference, GLOBECOM 2021 - Proceedings

Privacy Protection in 5G Positioning and Location-based Services Based on SGX

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Secure 5G Positioning with Truth Discovery, Attack Detection and Tracing

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Incentive Mechanism for Spatial Crowdsourcing Cooperation

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Privacy-Preserving Worker Recruitment Under Variety Requirement in Spatial Crowdsourcing

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Incentive-aware Task Location in Spatial Crowdsourcing

Fei Zhu, Shushu Liu, Junhua Fang, An Liu 2021 Database Systems for Advanced Applications

Verifiable Edge Computing for Indoor Positioning

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Spatial and Temporal Pricing Approach for Tasks in Spatial Crowdsourcing

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Efficient LBS queries with mutual privacy preservation in IoV

Shushu Liu, An Liu, Zheng Yan, Wei Feng 2019 Vehicular Communications