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Samuli Junttila



Otakaari 4, 02150 Espoo
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Geoinformatiikka, Rakennetun ympäristön laitos, MeMo

Airborne Laser Scanning Outperforms the Alternative 3D Techniques in Capturing Variation in Tree Height and Forest Density in Southern Boreal Forests

Publishing year: 2018 BALTIC FORESTRY
MeMo, Rakennetun ympäristön laitos

Can Leaf Water Content Be Estimated Using Multispectral Terrestrial Laser Scanning? A Case Study With Norway Spruce Seedlings

Publishing year: 2018 FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Rakennetun ympäristön laitos, MeMo

Effect of forest structure and health on the relative surface temperature captured by airborne thermal imagery – Case study in Norway Spruce-dominated stands in Southern Finland

Publishing year: 2017 Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research
Rakennetun ympäristön laitos, MeMo

Measuring Leaf Water Content with Dual-Wavelength Intensity Data from Terrestrial Laser Scanners

Publishing year: 2017 Remote Sensing