Guenther Filz

Professori (Associate professor)
Civil Engineering
Professori (Associate professor)


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Günther H. Filz, Outi Turpeinen, Cvijeta Miljak, Jouni Punkki, Simo Puintila, Kaisaleena Halinen 2020

Making of Zero Gravity 2.0

Günther H. Filz, Serenay Elmas, Athanasios Markou 2020

Zero Gravity

Günther H. Filz 2019

Airport City Belgrade Membrane Structure: design, production and installation process

Aleksandar P. Vučur, Günther H. Filz 2019 Form and Force

Finnish Fins: a novel approach to short-span, timber-only bridges by the use of stiffening fins

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Sustainable design concepts for short span, timber-only structures

Gerhard Fink, Gengmu Ruan, Günther H. Filz 2019 Form and Force

Zero Gravity 2.0

Günther H. Filz, Athanasios Markou, Serenay Elmas 2019

Stewart-Gough Platforms: the potential of 6-DOF parallel mechanisms in architecture and engineering

Günther H. Filz, Juan Manuel Garcia-Guerrero, Juan José Jorquera-Lucerga 2019 Form and Force

Soft Spaces : Hybrid systems from structural membranes/cable-nets and conventional building technologies

Günther H. Filz, Gerry D´Anza 2019 Proceedings of the TensiNet Symposium 2019

Pringle : equitangential bending active frame and minimal surface robe-net

Günther H. Filz, Summer Shahzad, Jarkko Niiranen 2018 Creativity in Structural Design

Zero Gravity Experience

Günther H. Filz 2018

Resolving 7 Tensions in-between Design and Engineering Education : Cases for Reflective Studio Practice

Salu Ylirisku, Günther H. Filz 2018 IV International Conference on Structural Engineering Education Without Borders

Topologically-based curvature in thin elastic shell networks

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Minimal-surface-T-connections in architecture

G. H. Filz 2013 Structures and Architecture

Surface- and mesh-based approaches towards a materialization of architectural catenoids

G. H. Filz, S. Schiefer, Th Stecher 2013 Structures and Architecture