Christopher Bratton

Professor of Practice
Professor of Practice
A899 School common, ARTS
  • Media Studies
  • Documentary Studies
  • Contemporary Art
  • Culture and Politics
  • Social Justice and Pedagogy
  • Experimental Research Methodologies


Major on-going projects

The Center for Arts, Design, and Social Research 

Co-founded in 2016, The Center for Arts, Design, and Social Research (CAD+SR) is an artist-led not for profit educational corporation based in Boston, Massachusetts. The Center supports individual fellows and their collaborative research projects, convenes workshops and residencies, sponsors publications, and organizes exhibitions and other events. Center programs are framed by a commitment to new forms of globally-attuned diversity, connecting artists from all regions of the world to other artists, activists, scholars, and researchers. The resulting projects are experiments in form and intent that address issues of wide significance, yet are linked to specific social and political contexts. CAD+SR is founded on the principle that speculative creative work is an essential foundation for building sustainable, interdependent, and equitable planetary cultures.






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Impossible Spaces and Other Embodiments

Dalida Maria Benfield , Christopher Bratton, Evelyne Eastmond, M. Eifler, Gabriel Pereira 2022 Art as Social Practice

Histories and Pedagogics from the Underside(s) of Modernity

Christopher Bratton, Dalida Maria Benfield 2021 The Routledge Companion to Decolonizing Art, Craft, and Visual Culture Education

Issue #4

Christopher Bratton, Dalida Maria Benfield 2021 Urgent Pedagogies

Reasons to Kill a Poet

Christopher Bratton, Dalida Maria Benfield 2021 COMUNICAZIONI SOCIALI

_rt movements

Bruno Moreschi, Christopher Bratton, Dalida Maria Benfield, Gabriel Pereira, Guilherme Falcao 2021 ArtMargins

VR Utopia

Dalida Maria Benfield , Gabriel Pereira, Evelyne Eastmond, M. Eifler, Christopher Bratton 2020 Art as Social Practice: Technologies for Change

_rt Movement(s)

Guilherme Falcao, Dalida Maria Benfield , Bruno Moreschi, Gabriel Pereira, Christopher Bratton 2020 ArtMargins

Sound of Forgetting (performance)

Christopher Bratton 2018