Andrea Botero
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Andrea Botero

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I work as project lead/designer in externally funded R&D projects in the Arki research group at Media Lab. In my research I am interested in understanding theoretical and practical implications of broad participation in creative design processes. In particular I want to look at how can we design with care and contribute more to sustain commons? I would like to understand better how these two activities might relate to “innovation”. One attempt at that is my dissertation. In my design work I explore services, media formats, genres and technologies for collectives, communities and their social practices.

Besides being involved in R&D Projects, I do supervision of MA thesis and tutor students (mostly from the MA in New Media, but also from other departments). If you are an Aalto student, need help with your MA work and you think you might benefit from talking to me, send an abstract and your topic to me by email and perhaps we can talk.

During Spring 2016 I teach:

New Media Concepts for the Third Sector a Study project in the MA program in New Media open to all ARTS students


I have worked in design consultancies and New Media and ICT projects as concept, user interfase and interaction designer. I still do ocassional consultancy and design gigs. I have a BA. in Industrial Design (Universidad Nacional de Colombia) and an MA Product and Strategic Design (Aalto ARTS - formerly TAIK). I obtained my Doctor of Arts degree in 2013 from Aalto ARTS.


collaborative design co-design social innovation new media design interaction design Participatory design pluriverse Service design digital service design ICT and digitalisation collective action STS Art and design knowledge building INUSE research group