Alexander Chernyaev

Doctoral Researcher
Doctoral Researcher
T106 Chemical and Metallurgical Eng
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  • Hydrometallurgy and Corrosion, Väitöskirjatutkija


The interference of copper, iron and aluminum with hydrogen peroxide and its effects on reductive leaching of LiNi1/3Mn1/3Co1/3O2

Alexander Chernyaev, Yuanmin Zou, Benjamin P. Wilson, Mari Lundström 2022 Separation and Purification Technology

Study on valuable metal incorporation in the Fe–Al precipitate during neutralization of LIB leach solution

Alexander Chernyaev, Benjamin P. Wilson, Mari Lundström 2021 Scientific Reports

The Effect of Cu, Al and Fe Impurities on Leaching Efficiency of Two Lithium-Ion Battery Waste Fractions

A. Chernyaev, J. Partinen, Mari Lundström 2021 Ni-Co 2021: The 5th International Symposium on Nickel and Cobalt

The efficiency of scrap Cu and Al current collector materials as reductants in LIB waste leaching

Alexander Chernyaev, Jere Partinen, Lassi Klemettinen, Benjamin P. Wilson, Ari Jokilaakso, Mari Lundström 2021 Hydrometallurgy

Lithium ion battery active material dissolution kinetics in Fe(II)/Fe(III) catalyzed Cu-H2SO4 leaching system

Antti Porvali, Alexander Chernyaev, Sugam Shukla, Mari Lundström 2020 Separation and Purification Technology

The effect of reaction product layers on copper corrosion in repository conditions

Jari Aromaa, Alexander Chernyaev, Atte Tenitz, Mari Lundström 2018 Eurocorr 2018 Proceedings

Electroluminescence of InAs/InAs(Sb)/InAsSbP LED heterostructures in the temperature range 4.2-300 K

K. D. Mynbaev, N. L. Bazhenov, A. A. Semakova, M. P. Mikhailova, N. D. Stoyanov, S. S. Kizhaev, S. S. Molchanov, A. P. Astakhova, A. V. Chernyaev, H. Lipsanen, V. E. Bougrov 2017 Semiconductors