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Hiring a Future Thinker and a Co-creation Master

Hiring a future thinker a co-creation master

Open position.

Are you the future thinker and the co-creation master who can design an Annual Preview process for Aalto University?

Design Inside initiative is looking for a PhD student or a Master in the late stage of studies to develop a future-oriented tool, Aalto’s Annual Preview.

The work

Your role is to develop a co-creative process through which we will be able to annually choose existing megatrends, spot signals related to them and find a way to identify relevant on-going academic projects from Aalto. 

As an outcome of the work we expect to have a strategic forecast process that will enable future-oriented conversations between Aalto and its stakeholders. This tool will help us to gather information inside the University and create a way to communicate to partners and stakeholders how Aalto perceives the near future and the actions it is taking to make a desirable future come true. These are some of the questions we would like to address with this work:

  • What are the phenomenon and megatrends Aalto wants to help happen in the coming year? Which megatrends should be emphasized as important? Please be aware that we are not focusing on creating new megatrends as such.

  • What kind of tensions we see exists around those megatrends?

  • How are we impacting the current megatrends to happen or on which direction they take? What academic inputs and actions we at Aalto are already doing around those areas?

  • What is the impact on the world and to the society? What changes?

As a result, we hope that the Annual Preview will also facilitate and increase the use of design in organizations by showing what design is doing to impact to the future.

Skills needed

You need to be familiar with the strategic forecasting and trend tools as well as basic co-creation and workshop methods. We hope you are enthusiastic about creating future visions and finding ways to concretize what those visions mean to Aalto. We want to embed the vision work closely to the work done in Aalto’s organization.

It is great if you can speak Finnish but the main working language is English.

The opportunity

You will work 40-60% weeks during the spring term 2020, starting from February. We will discuss the exact working period together.

We offer two month’s salary (following Aalto’s salary recommendations).  In addition, if you are interested in teaching there is a possibility to create an elective UWAS course related to the subject. Teaching the course will bring an additional salary.

Please apply till the January 28th by sending a CV, the subject of your PhD study or Master program and a short (max half A4) letter of interest mentioning experiences or knowledge on strategic forecasting and co-creation tools. Applications and enquires to [email protected]

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