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Consumer Behavior, web course

Opiskelijoita sohvilla

This web course is organized by Aalto University Open University Course description

This course is a self-study course where the teacher will be available for you during the whole course. You will also follow the schedule of studies by returning assignments regularly. The course will roughly follow the book "Consumer Behaviour. A European Perspective by Solomon et al. (4th edition or newer)". A large portion of your workload will involve reading the book in lieu of attending lectures. Please be sure to purchase or borrow your copy in advance.

The final exam of the course will be held in Aalto University Otaniemi Campus. You need to be personally present in the examination.

Upon completion of the course the student should...

  • have a general understanding of the psychological, social, and cultural processes involved when consumers, individuals or groups select, purchase, use, and dispose of products, services, ideas, and experiences
  • know the basic theories, ideas, concepts, and methodsin consumer research
  •  be able to analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and apply this knowledge so as to be able to address managerial and marketing problemsrelated to consumer behavior
  • understand the ethical aspects of consumer marketing