Visiting Aalto University

International delegation hosted visit

Planning a delegation visit to Aalto University to further collaboration, get a glimpse into the latest innovations, exchange best practices and establish new contacts?

Since Aalto University was founded in 2010 it has been an attractive destination for delegations all over the world, from royals and heads of states to international university delegations.

Aalto University is pleased to consider mission-aligned delegation visit requests from international academic institutions, government agencies, strategic media outlets, companies and other entities that are interested in furthering collaboration, getting a glimpse into the latest innovations, exchanging best practices and establishing new contacts. Planning and hosting each delegation visit is a commitment of significant time and resources, therefore in order to ensure that the visit is a valuable use of both parties' time, delegation visits should be strategic in nature with established goals and objectives.

The information below offers a brief guidance on the international delegation visits that require coordination within the University and host allocation.  

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