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Teaching Lab  — Designing future-proof education.

We provide services, workshops as well as information and inspiration for designing future-proof education. We want to help teachers and other education practitioners to develop teaching to the next level by sharing innovative methods and ideas on how to integrate partnerships to the education and how to equip students with future competences - to become Lifelong Learners, who can navigate in the ever-changing and complex work life.

Our mission is to design work-life services for Aalto teachers!

The concept has been created and tested at Aalto University as a part of the strategic initiative Learning Challenge Aalto.

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Currently happening in Teaching Lab:

Pilot Funding for work-life relevant education

What do we do?

    We aim to test new ideas, methods, tools, and teaching concepts in the process of designing work-life oriented education.

    We are gathering exciting news, resources, and other information related to developing future-proof teaching and learning.

    We believe that teaching can be designed into an experience which adds value to students, to the whole Aalto community, and also to the external partners.

Latest news

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Teaching Lab

The challenge of knowing what you can: 7 tips for improving students' self-knowledge

When applying for a job, being able to describe your knowledge and skills is crucially important. Read further for 7 useful tips for improving students’ self-awareness on each course!
Tua Björklund's keynote speech
Teaching Lab

Co-creating new skills on three levels

The students we are teaching today will still be working in 2060, and even current middle-aged workers still have a good few decades to go before retirement. As the world is changing exponentially, we know very little of the knowledge and skills that will be useful for the organizations, technologies, and societies that will exist by that time. However, the future is not something blindly imposed on us. Rather, we all play a part in co-creating it.
Hertta Vuorenmaa & Eero Vaara
Teaching Lab

Something new and something old: Critical thinking, empathy and communication skills

We know that the growing use of new technologies changes the structures and practices of work around us. There are changes in the way people work as well as in the types of pressures they are facing. Thus, there is an urgent need for the universities to ask themselves, what kinds of future managers/employees are we educating?
Students unloading measuring instruments donated by HUS on biological phenomena measurement to determine the lifecycle effects of products
Teaching Lab

Sustainable mindset as a competence of future Aalto graduate?

Aalto University's long-term goal is to integrate sustainable development into all teaching. This goal has been approached in different ways: integration of the basics of sustainability, building students’ partial expertise, and a full specialization into the topic. In today’s world, no one can escape the global challenges like climate change or inequality which affect our everyday activities and work life. Our students need to be able to reflect and understand what these challenges mean for their future careers and in the context of their disciplines.
Focus group discussion of conceptualising Aalto-level Game Changer competences
Teaching Lab

10 superpowers for the future of work

We are going through now the fourth industrial revolution and the world of work is changing faster than ever. Artificial intelligence, automatization, robotization, and virtual technologies are changing the ways we work and also challenging our perceptions on what it means to be a human. Nobody knows what the future will bring for us, but there have been a lot of discussions, forecasts as well as research concerning the probable competences everyone will need to able to navigate in the ever-changing future of work.
Teaching Lab
Teaching Lab

10 + 1 tricky questions for future-proof teaching

The inaugural Studio Week was held from the 14th until the 18th of January 2019 in Otaniemi. At the heart of the event was to challenge teachers and other practitioners at Aalto to develop their teaching to the next level with a future-looking and working life oriented mindset. We collected 10+1 excellent but challenging questions from various sessions and workshops during the week in order to broaden our view when educating the real Game Changers.

We are here to help.

Laura Sivula

Laura Sivula

Information Technology Program (ITP)
Program Director
Niina Pitkänen

Niina Pitkänen

Department of Information and Service Economy
Coordinator, Work Life Specialist
Silva Saulio

Silva Saulio

Dean's Unit of the School of Business
Bubbling Teaching Lab Team
Bubbling Teaching Lab Team: Laura, Niina & Silva / Photo: Jere Savolainen
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