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Teaching Lab  — Designing future-proof education.

We provide assistance as well as information and inspiration for designing future-proof education. We want to help educators to develop teaching and learning to the next level by sharing innovative methods and ideas on how to integrate partnerships to the education and how to equip students with future competences - to become Lifelong Learners and Future-Led Experts, who can navigate in the ever-changing and complex work life.

Teaching Lab is a team of experienced practitioners in the field of challenge-based learning and industry collaboration in teaching. If you wish to have pedagogical support for your courses, Aalto's Learning Services and Pedagogical training will help you!

The concept has been created and tested at Aalto University as a part of the strategic initiative Learning Challenge Aalto.

Teaching Lab/ Impact & Meaning

Currently happening in Teaching Lab:

Apply to Aalto Thesis Project: The Municipality of Sipoo - Digital Service Design to Support Employment

Apply to Aalto Thesis to solve the Municipality of Sipoo's challenge through Master's theses as part of a multidisciplinary team.

Read more and apply before 9.4.!
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Aalto Summer School

Aalto Summer School offers high quality academic summer courses and programs at Aalto University.

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Aalto University Otaniemi Campus in Summer / Photo by Aalto University, Mikko Raskinen

What do we do?

    We aim to test new ideas, methods, tools, and teaching concepts in the process of designing work-life oriented education.

    We are gathering exciting news, resources, and other information related to developing future-proof teaching and learning.

    We believe that teaching can be designed into an experience which adds value to students, to the whole Aalto community, and also to the external partners.

Latest news

Students unloading measuring instruments donated by HUS on biological phenomena measurement to determine the lifecycle effects of products
Studies, University Published:

Sustainable mindset as a competence of future Aalto graduate?

Annukka Jyrämä's insights on sustainable mindset.
Hertta Vuorenmaa ja Eero Vaara. Kuva: Venla Helenius.
Studies, University Published:

Something new and something old: Critical thinking, empathy and communication skills

Hertta Vuorenmaa and Eero Vaara's insights on central work-life skills.
Tua Björklund's keynote speech
Cooperation, Studies, University Published:

Co-creating new skills on three levels

Tua Björklund shares insights on co-creating for the future.
Four smiling men posing in front of a colorful graffiti wall.
Cooperation, Studies, University Published:

Can academia keep up with the future of work?

Sampo Leino shares insights on how academia can help students to leap from university to work.

We are here to help.

Laura Sivula

Laura Sivula

Information Technology Program (ITP)
Head of Summer School
Niina Pitkänen

Niina Pitkänen

Department of Information and Service Management
Aalto Thesis Programme Manager, Work-Life Specialist
Silva Saulio

Silva Saulio

Department of Computer Science
Project Employee
Bubbling Teaching Lab Team
Bubbling Teaching Lab Team: Laura, Niina & Silva / Photo: Jere Savolainen
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