Education for sustainability

Our aim is to integrate sustainability into all education at Aalto.
Climate KIC Summer School 2017. Photo: Aalto University/ Roee Cohen

Our teachers get peer-support on how to integrate sustainability aspects in their course practices and contents. We also offer dedicated master’s degree programmes and minor studies on a variety of sustainability themes, where our students learn to combine state-of-the-art sustainability aspects with relevant interdisciplinary understanding of the knowledge in other fields.

Master's programmes focusing on sustainability

Minors touching on sustainability

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Open online courses

Open online courses on sustainability issues and climate change. Most materials are available both in English and in Finnish.

Aalto Global Impact

We promote and facilitate Aalto University’s research and education for global sustainable development.

Aalto Global Impact

Aalto Sustainability Hub

To address complex sustainability challenges, Aalto Sustainability Hub works to increase interdisciplinary research collaboration and to promote sustainability in teaching, campus development and other operations at Aalto.

Aalto Sustainability Hub

Climate University

Climate University, a project of 11 Finnish universities, offers multidisciplinary, digital learning courses on sustainability.

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