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The application shares monthly themes and weekly actions about sustainable living and sustainability work in Aalto University.
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AaltoSDG is a mobile application designed to inspire Aalto University students, employees and partners to make more sustainable choices every day. The actions teach you extensively about different sustainability issues and choices, and how they relate to the SDG goals of the UN.

At the same time, the application demonstrates how Aalto University research, teaching and events can support international work to achieve sustainable development goals at the local level. The application presents weekly challenges to the user based on the SDG themes. Throughout the year, themes that change at the same time highlight Aalto's research and researchers.

Development of the application

The AaltoSDG application was launched at the beginning of Aalto University's 10th anniversary year on 8.1.2020. The language of the application is English.

The application is actively developed based on user feedback. Aalto community and all app users are encouraged to participate in the development by giving feedback, which can be done directly in the application. You can also volunteer and participate into testing the application during development sprints.

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Using the application

You can download the application from Apple App Store or Google Play store.

It is possible to use the application without logging in or logging in with Aalto login details. It is possible to store and transfer logged-in user information between different devices. However, the data can't be transferred between devices, for example, when switching phones without logging in. 

Currently the following features and functionalities have been implemented in the app:

  • Actions based on monthly themes, which are based on the SDGs. Actions can be challenges, activities and thought inspiring quizzes.  
  • SDG data bank, which contains the content of UN's SDGs.
  • Possibility to see user's own impact and community impact of the actions
  • Information about Aalto's sustainable campus, events, news and education
  • Rate actions and give feedback.

Please read the application’s terms and conditions.

Privacy notice

Accessibility statement

Feedback and more information

AaltoSDG application development team: 
[email protected] 

More information about sustainability at Aalto University

strategy workshop Image: Mikko Raskinen

SDGs at Aalto University

Aalto University is the first Finnish university to sign universities' global Sustainable Development Goals Accord.

Environmental Engineering. Photo: Mikko Raskinen/ Aalto University


We are committed to promoting sustainable development through research and education as well as in our campus development and other daily practices.

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