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The gifts donated to fight the coronavirus will be used for research and education that will help solve the pandemic and the challenges it causes to the society. Read more

By donating, you help our students gain important expertise, which is crucial for Finland’s competitiveness. Read more

Join us on an unprecedented space adventure – donate towards the new Metsähovi receiver! Read more

Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, will capitalise universities by EUR 100 million, of which EUR 67 million will be distributed in proportion to the donations received by universities in 2020–2022.  If you donate to "Aalto University", matching funding may be applied for your donation. Read more

Gifts donated to this endowed professorship will help establish ownership as an integral part of academic research and teaching; strengthen Finnish ownership expertise and culture; and produce high-quality research to support societal discussion and decision-making. Read more

By donating to the School of Business you support our work for better business and a better society, and the education of future experts and leaders. Read more

By donating to the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, you can help build a world where the great challenges of humanity can be solved by radical creativity. Read more

By donating to the School of Engineering, you will support valuable work in developing new knowledge and competence in the fields of mechanical engineering, civil engineering and, built environment. Read more

By donating to the School of Chemical Engineering, you will support the development of new tools and solutions e.g. in bioeconomy, circular economy, and climate change mitigation. Read more

By donating to the School of Science, you will help expand the boundaries of science through new knowledge, deeper understanding, and technological development that responds to the needs of society. At the same time, you will support the training of future experts and leaders. Read more

By donating to the School of Electrical Engineering, you will support our work aimed at developing systems and innovations that save energy and increase well-being, as well as solving other sustainable development challenges. Read more

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