Master's Programme in Global Management (including CEMS MIM)

The Global Management programme with CEMS Master’s in International Management grows agile, reflective and responsible decision-makers who embrace change. Students learn to identify and harness opportunities and solve challenges in a rapidly transforming global business environment.
CEMS students in Helsinki


Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration)

Application period:

3.12.2018 - 11.1.2019

Language of instruction:



2 years, full-time


Relevant Bachelor's degree

Field of study:

Business and Economics


120 ECTS

Organising school:

School of Business

Tuition fees:

For non-EU/EEA citizens, €15000/y (Master’s studies)

Application period closed

Previous application period was closed on 11.1.2019
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Scholarships and Tuition Fees
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Study objectives


The GM/CEMS programme calls for ambitious students interested in growing professionally as well as personally to assume ethical and responsible leadership roles in the future.  The programme builds on knowledge acquired by the students in their respective specialization area during the first year of their GM/CEMS studies. 


After completing the programme, the students have acquired the following knowledge, skills and competencies:

  • Internationalism: CEMS graduates are knowledgeable international business practitioners, able to execute effective business decision-making and change management in diverse contexts.
  • Business-embeddedness: CEMS graduates apply advanced management and leadership competencies developed through systematic experience of and engagement with the corporate world.
  • Responsible Citizenship: CEMS graduates champion a holistic vision of responsible business decision-making, leadership and citizenship, informed by ethical reasoning, personal integrity, and respect for social diversity.
  • Reflective Critical Thinking: CEMS graduates are confident, agile, and reflective decision- makers and problem-solvers, able to formulate and apply innovative solutions to complex business challenges.
  • Comprehensive Leadership: CEMS graduates are fully aware of their personal responsibility and accountability and of the ethical and cultural frameworks in which leadership is exerted.

CEMS MIM takes an ethical and responsible approach to management education by adhering to the following values:


  • The pursuit of excellence with high standards of performance and ethical conduct;

Understanding and drawing upon cultural diversity with respect and empathy; Professional responsibility and accountability in relation to society as a whole

Scholarships and Tuition fees

The tuition fee is €15 000 per academic year for non-EU/EEA citizens.
Prospective students subject to tuition fees are eligible to apply for Aalto University Scholarship.

Study languages


Specialisation areas

The Global Management programme is a unique MSc that allows you to be part of the CEMS community at Aalto from day one of your studies.

Rasmus Öhman, Global Management student

Career opportunities

CEMS graduates are highly sought after by international companies: According to a 2017 graduate survey, 98 % of CEMS graduates are employed within 3 months of  their graduation. Almost half of them work outside their home country and approximately 40 % now work for a CEMS Corporate Partner.

CEMS has developed a number of specific services to facilitate students’ entry into working life and to find a suitable path career for themselves, as well as to help partner companies identify the right profiles for recruitment. These services include: CEMS Career Forum, CEMS Job Market and CEMS Student CV Database.

In addition to having access to the CEMS exclusive career services, and acquiring up-to-date knowledge and a wide skill set, students can build a lifelong network of contacts with their fellow students at Aalto University and in their CEMS exchange school, as well as with CEMS alumni and the representatives of CEMS corporate and social partners. This global network of like-minded people will help the students in building a successful career.

Further study options

Eligibility for doctoral studies.

Content of the studies

Global Management / CEMS curriculum focuses on ways to identify and harness opportunities and solve challenges in a rapidly transforming global business environment. Teaching is based on cutting-edge academic knowledge and practical real-life cases. 

The Master’s Programme in Global Management (GM) offers students two highly prestigious qualifications: MSc in Economics and Business administration granted by Aalto University School of Business and CEMS Master’s in International Management (MIM) granted by CEMS, the Global Alliance in Management Education.

During the first year of MSc studies, students complete a carefully selected set of specialisation area courses aimed at providing a basis for carrying out the Master’s thesis work. The Master’s thesis develops the students’ analytical skills and enables them to dig deeper into a topic of their interest.

The second year of the programme consists of the CEMS MIM, which follows the common CEMS curricular content in place in all the member schools. Students spend one semester at Aalto and the other one at another prestigious CEMS school.

In Aalto CEMS, the exclusive curriculum elements such as Block Seminar, Global Strategy course, Business Projects and Global Management Practices course are run in intensive collaboration with CEMS Corporate and Social Partners. Additionally, we offer special exclusive elective courses in order to enhance students’ communication and presentation skills (Meet the Stage: Public Speaking and Interaction Skills) and to introduce students to consultancy work (CEMS Consultancy course). During the first year of the programme, we offer an intriguing Leadership and Self-development weekend course bringing together the 1st year Global Management cohort and  students in their CEMS MIM year.

In addition to the Exclusive courses, Aalto offers a wide selection of other CEMS Electives. Students can pick and choose courses that match their own interests from the multidisciplinary course portfolio.

Please see for more information of the global alliance and the CEMS MIM Programme.

Structure of studies

The Master’s Programme in Global Management (GM) offers students two highly prestigious qualifications: MSc in Economics and Business administration granted by Aalto University School of Business and CEMS Master’s in International Management (MIM) granted by CEMS, the Global Alliance in Management Education.

The Global Management programme consists of:

1. A specialisation area with a Master’s thesis in one of the following areas:

  • Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
  • Finance
  • Management and International Business
  • Marketing or
  • Strategy; and

2. CEMS MIM studies conducted at Aalto University and at another CEMS school during an exchange term.

During the first year of MSc studies, students complete their specialisation area courses and their Master’s thesis, combined with the CEMS Exclusive "Leadership and Self-Development" weekend course. The second year incorporates the rest of the CEMS MIM components, including an exchange semester (either autumn or spring term) at another CEMS School.

In order to also obtain the CEMS MIM diploma, in addition to the Aalto MSc degree, students need to complete an international internship and fulfill the CEMS MIM language requirements.


The Global Management/CEMS students write their Master’s thesis in their specialisation area during the first year of MSc studies.

The purpose of the Master’s thesis is to develop and demonstrate the ability to apply  selected research strategies and methods in identifying and solving a specialisation area specific business problem. The overall objectives of the thesis are to demonstrate and develop analytical capabilities and critical attitudes, as well as a deeper knowledge and in-depth understanding in the area of research.


Consistently ranked among the top in the world by the Financial Times, the CEMS MIM unites multinational companies and international-caliber professors from leading universities and business schools.

CEMS was established in 1988 and has now grown into a truly global organization with member schools in six continents. Aalto, at the time known as the Helsinki School of Economics, became a member of the alliance 20 years ago in 1998 among the earliest member schools.

In its current form and scope CEMS is a truly unique global community, offering a high quality education in international management and supporting the creation of a global network of CEMSies: the world’s finest students, schools, alumni, and corporate and social partners. CEMS educates responsible future leaders contributing to a more open, sustainable and inclusive world.

During the CEMS MIM year all CEMS students spend one semester at another CEMS school, making the CEMS MIM experience truly international regardless of whether you are currently at your home university or abroad. Additionally, the CEMS programme in all member schools attract international applicants, making even the home student cohort international.

An international internship is one of the core elements in the CEMS MIM. The main objective of the internship is to turn academic experience and theoretical knowledge into a professional, multi-cultural experience. Internships provide students with the real-life professional learning experience of integrating into an organisation’s culture and processes outside their home country.

Upon graduation, students' careers typically take an international path in a great variety of sectors and in many cases within multinational companies. According to a recent graduate survey in 2017, almost half of CEMS graduates work outside their home country.

Corporate collaboration

The CEMS academic and corporate members work collectively to develop knowledge and provide education that is essential in the multilingual, multicultural and interconnected business world. The CEMS network covers 31 schools in as many countries, and close to 80 corporate and social partners.

Aalto CEMS has two exquisite corporate partners, KONE and Nokia, and works in close collaboration with many other international corporate partners, such as ABB, Hilti, L’Oréal, H&M, McKinsey & Company, Deloitte, PWC, BCG and also with CEMS social partners such as Fairtrade. The involvement of corporate and social partners is vital to the high quality of the programme.

The CEMS corporate and social partners contribute to numerous curricular activities:

  • Business Projects
  • Real-life course cases
  • Guest lectures
  • Seminars on practical skills
  • Company visits.

Even outside the curriculum, the global CEMS alliance offers many collaboration opportunities: CEMS Career Fair, an exclusive job portal, CEMS Alumni association activities and various regional events.

As one of the many active student clubs at Aalto University, the CEMS Club Helsinki maintains the spirit and activities to bring the local CEMS community together. The club organizes numerous activities throughout the year: company visits, informal get-togethers and parties, and  high profile local events such as the CEMS Stage, typically welcoming and the CEMS community at large to join. The club arranges e.g. company visits, informal get-togethers and parties and high-class local events such as the CEMS Stage. Every fouth year, the annual CEMS Nordic Forum is organized by CEMS Club Helsinki, and in the years in between, students can travel to participate in other Nordic CEMS schools.

Admission requirements

Required previous studies

To be considered for admission the applicant must have completed at least 60 ECTS of business related studies (corresponding to one year of full time studies at university level).

    PHASE I: Application documents

    Upload video here

    Motivation video (max 2 minutes, max file size 250MB)
    Please label the video file clearly with your last name and first name. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that the video can be played with the most common programs such as VLC media player and Windows Media Player.​


    PHASE II: Interview and further assessment


    Based on the evaluation in phase I, the best applicants are allotted a time for a Skype interview and further assessment, including a 5-minute presentation on a pre-assigned topic. The interview and assessment time given to each applicant is non-negotiable.


    PHASE III: Allocation to focus areas


    The selection of applicants into the programme is based on phases I and II described above. In the third phase, the applicants are allocated into one of the focus areas based on their ranking in phases I and II and the preference order indicated in their application form.


    Applicants can list up to six (1-6) focus areas in the order of preference. An applicant can be selected only to one of the focus areas indicated in the application form. The given list of the focus areas and the order of preference is binding and cannot be changed after the application period has ended.


    A selected applicant is offered a study place in the Global Management programme (including CEMS MIM) and one specified focus area which cannot be changed.


    One-year ‘crown’-model CEMS MIM (66 ECTS)

    In addition to the Master’s Programme in Global Management / CEMS (120 ECTS), students already enrolled in one of Aalto University’s Master's programmes have the option to apply for the one-year ‘crown-model’ CEMS MIM (66 ECTS) to be completed in parallel with their regular Aalto University MSc studies.

    • Information about application and admission for ‘crown model’ CEMS MIM.
    Admission to Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration (2 yrs)

    Contact information

    • For information on admissions and applying instructions, please read carefully the Admissions section on our website. After reading the section, if you have general admission questions, you can contact Admission Services at [email protected].
    • If you have questions about the programme or the programme-specific requirements on this page, please contact the programme:
      CEMS Programme Managers
      Liisa Kotilainen, [email protected], +358 40 3538166
      Arja Sahlberg, [email protected], +358 40 3538165
      CEMS Academic Director
      Professor Rita Järventie-Thesleff, [email protected], +358 50 3482051
    • Information on the studies in the Master's Programme in Global Management (in the academic year 2018-2020) is available in the online Study Guide.

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    Application period closed

    Previous application period was closed on 11.1.2019
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